“Celebrity Big Brother” Recap: Who Was Evicted First?

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap February 9 2018

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap February 9 2018


On Friday’s two-hour “Celebrity Big Brother,” the house guests faced the first eviction. Get the full recap and find out who was voted out below!

As Gossip Cop reported, “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” premiered on Wednesday with 11 stars vying for a $250,000 prize. On Thursday’s second episode of “Celebrity Big Brother,” the first Head Of Household, Shannon Elizabeth, ended up losing her title to Keshia Knight Pulliam, thanks to a “recast” twist involving gift bags. The “Cosby” star then nominated James Maslow and Chuck Liddell for eviction.

Tonight’s installment picked up on Day 5, following the nomination ceremony. Both Chuck and James were angry and looking ahead to the veto competition. Keshia was hoping James would be the one eventually eliminated, thinking he was “least” likely to work with the women’s alliance. Brandi wanted him out just because she disliked him. The other girls thought he was the ideal target, too. Shannon purposely gave James a false sense of security, hoping he wouldn’t go so hard in the Power Of Veto challenge.

Meanwhile, Mark gave James his word that should he win the task, he’d use the veto to save him. At the same time, Omarosa was concerned about their seven-person alliance (the six women plus Ross) lasting, so she secretly suggested to Keshia that they make their own “black girl magic” alliance. Interestingly, they made this agreement after previously clashing over Donald Trump and Bill Cosby.

For the veto game, Keshia chose Shannon to play alongside her, James and Chuck. Picked at random were Ariadna and Mark. Keshia then selected Omarosa to be the host. Before the showdown began, Mark admitted to Keshia that he wanted to save James, should he win, and she tried to push him toward Chuck. She also tried to give Chuck “inspiration” to “play hard,” telling him to “fight like hell” to win.

For the challenge, the backyard was transformed into a spa called the “Four Sneezons.” The players had to crawl through mud to find crystals with letters on them and then spell the longest word possible at their station. The person to correctly spell the longest word within 10 minutes would win the Power Of Veto. With substances randomly “sneezing” on them, it became messy very quickly. Ultimately, Ariadna had an incorrectly spelled word, while Mark only came up with “some.” Keshia had him beat with “primed.” Then Shannon shocked everyone with the 16-letter “responsibilities.” James failed at spelling “family,” and since Chuck only came up with “spanned,” Shannon was named the victor and given the veto power.

The women were thrilled Shannon won over the men. Keshia thought she should use the veto power to take Chuck out of jeopardy and replace him with Mark, believing Mark needed a fright and Chuck could be helpful later. Ross didn’t see the point if the goal in the end was still to vote out James. Shannon was initially on board just because she wanted to make amends with Chuck. Omarosa accused her of not listening to the group and focusing only on her own game, prompting an emotional Shannon to apologize. As the tension rose, Ross realized the women were discounting him with their fixation on the females making it to the end. Marissa and Brandi privately sympathized with him.

For tying in last place in the challenge, James and Ariadna were forced to spend the next 48 hours dressed as babies. They were also required to crawl everywhere, and whenever a crying sound was played over the intercom, they had to suck on bottles. That included during the night. James joked about them having a “showmance” until Ariadna amusingly shut him down.

Ross discouraged Shannon from actually using her veto power, believing Keshia and Omarosa were trying to control the alliance. She agreed that there was no need to keep a “threat” like Chuck around or to put more blood on her hands by replacing him with Mark. Keshia and Omarosa were angered, accusing her of going against what the majority of the alliance wanted. They all went back and forth, with Omarosa alienating not just Shannon and Ross, but Brandi, too.

Omarosa and Shannon tried to privately make amends, with the former insisting no one “knew the game better” than them. She argued they had to play aggressively and scare the guys, and told Shannon that Keshia spoke with Chuck, implying that they might’ve made a deal. Shannon broke down, feeling she couldn’t win no matter what decision she made. That had Omarosa questioning her stability in a confessional. “Who have I aligned with?” she asked.

When the time came, Shannon asked James and Chuck to each say why they should be saved with the veto. James said he’s made the effort to get to know everyone, has been a “good sport” and didn’t try to play the gift bag. Chuck said how much he’s enjoyed hanging with everyone and argued he could be a “great ally in the future,” despite using his gift bag and “playing to win.” Shannon then announced she would not use the veto power, meaning the two men would stay the nominees for eviction.

She explained to the camera that she wanted to do what was “best for my game,” and not what Keshia and Omarosa thought was best. Keshia was upset, of course, and James privately vowed not to “go out without a massive fight.” Shannon and Ross spoke about no longer trusting Keshia and Omarosa, and contemplated flipping on the alliance by getting rid of Chuck and striking a new bond with James. They told Brandi, Marissa and Ariadna the idea, suggesting they make a deal with James to get the numbers back on their side for the eviction after this one (Shannon, Brandi, Marissa, Ariadna, Ross and James against Keshia, Omarosa, Mark and Metta).

At the live eviction, James and Chuck had one last chance to sway votes. James started out by plugging his new single, but then said he was standing there “humbled” and filled with “gratitude.” He promised to “return the favor” for anyone who helped him stay. Chuck, too, said he would “help anybody out,” vowing to be a “good partner.” Neither of them could vote, while Keshia, as the Head of Household, would only cast a ballot in the event of a tie.

Brandi, seemingly emotional, voted first, saying she wanted to evict Chuck. Ariadna followed with the same vote. Omarosa, however, stuck with the original plan to evict James. Ross went through with flipping and voted out Chuck. Metta, who hadn’t expressed any opinions, cast his vote for Chuck, too, and then Marissa did as well. At that point, there were five votes against Chuck, guaranteeing his eviction. Still, the process had to continue, and Shannon and Mark made it seven votes against him, compared to only one for James. When host Julie Chen revealed the results, Keshia and Omarosa appeared stunned.

Following brief goodbyes, Chuck exited the house and walked onto the stage in front of the live audience. He said he wasn’t “surprised,” believing the plans “switched last night.” Still, he admitted, “I’m not sure what exactly I did wrong.” He didn’t express regret over the gift bag, and went on to confess, “I really don’t think this is my game. I really want to be on ‘Amazing Race.'” Now as the first member of the jury, and able to watch everything from home, he said seeing the footage from his time in the house would let him know who really had his back. That said, he predicted Shannon and James had a shot at winning the whole shebang. The next episode will air on Sunday, with an eviction on Monday.

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