“Celebrity Big Brother” Recap: Keshia Knight Pulliam Named Head Of Household, Makes Nominations

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap February 8 2018

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Big Brother Recap February 8 2018


On Thursday’s “Celebrity Big Brother,” Shannon Elizabeth lost her Head Of Household title to Keshia Knight Pulliam. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the first-ever “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” premiered on Wednesday. Competing for $250,000 are Brandi Glanville, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Shannon Elizabeth, Chuck Liddell, James Maslow, Ross Mathews, Mark McGrath, Omarosa, Metta World Peace, Keshia Knight Pulliam and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Ross and Marissa were stunned when Omarosa walked in, fresh off her stint at the White House. Brandi and James quickly clashed, and the women decided to forge an alliance and get the men out first.

For their first Head Of Household challenge, for which Omarosa won safety before the task even began, the contestants had to hang from life-sized award statues for as along as possible. Shannon was the last player hanging, making her the first HOH. But shortly after, the players learned that some of the gift bags they all received contained the power to “recast” the role and take the title for oneself. Shannon looked panicked when the episode ended.

The second installment now began with everyone buzzing about the gift bags. The men realized they were out-numbered if the women teamed up against them and hoped to get the “recast” power. They all learned that the gift bags could only be opened before the nomination ceremony, that only one person could open their bag at a time and that the twist could only be used once. Marissa suggested the women actually all volunteer to force a random draw.

James and Chuck, friends for years, secretly decided to work together and wanted to get Shannon on their side. Mark approached her first, naming James and her as the “biggest threats.” Shannon was turned off and told Ross what happened. She wanted him to hook up with the girls and he was more than willing. That put seven (six girls and him) against the four remaining guys (James, Mark, Chuck and Metta). He planned to be a “spy” and report back.

James ranted to Chuck and Metta about it being a “girl-guy thing.” Chuck tried to bridge the gap by joining the women for a spa session. Metta let himself get pampered, too. James “couldn’t care less” and found it “emasculating,” despite Chuck encouraging him to play nice. Like the women, the men also realized they should roll the dice and offer up their gift bags, too.

Meanwhile, Omarosa told Shannon that she was “loyal to a fault,” and said that her loyalty to Donald Trump cost her a “hundred other friends.” Keshia listened in, even though they were “polar opposites” in their political views. When she questioned her support for Trump, Omarosa brought up Keshia’s support for Bill Cosby. “That’s the same thing with me and Mr. Trump,” Omarosa said. Keshia insisted, “It’s comparing apples to oranges.”

Chuck was the next to approach Shannon and acknowledged that the numbers aren’t on the guys’ side. He also confirmed that Ross isn’t really part of the male alliance. James directly asked Shannon who she’s going to nominate and said how much he wants to be in the competition. But he outright denied that the guys had united against the women. Like Mark, he named Shannon a “threat” to her face. “If I don’t take this opportunity to get him out of the house now, I may not get this chance again,” she realized.

Metta candidly told Shannon, “I can’t do this. I wasn’t prepared.” He confessed he wants her to nominate him just so he can go home to his family. In exchange, he promised not to use his gift bag. But Shannon said in a confessional that she had no intention of nominating him. Amidst this, Omarosa became emotional talking to Ross about the “toll” she’s taken thanks to her time in the White House. She openly cried about being vilified for her ties to the Trump administration, but admitted, “I made choices. I just have to live with them.” Ross comforted her, but told the camera, “I don’t know if it’s real… Would you trust her?”

The women and Ross had a powwow, at which point Shannon said she was considering Mark and Metta. She hoped a veto would lead to getting James out. To facilitate her plan, she told Mark she’d keep him safe if he didn’t play the bag. “You have my word,” he told her. Chuck said he was “cool,” too, and James fell for the scheme as well. Keshia suggested that if any of the men “defy” her and try to play the bags, they nominate Chuck and James instead. But they knew if any of the men ended up getting the “recast” power, they’d be screwed.

When the time came, Chuck, “playing for the long game” and wanting to “play hard or go home,” broke his word to Shannon and went to play his bag. To force a random draw, Brandi, Keshia, Omarosa, Ross and Ariadna followed suit. Shannon ripped Chuck for going “rogue,” and was privately ready to nominate him. He acknowledged to the cameras, “I could be in danger now.” A random draw would determine who would actually get to open the bags. She hoped one of the girls would not only win the draw, but have the bag with the “recap” power. Still, “it’s ‘Big Brother,'” Shannon said. “Anything can happen.”

At the nominations ceremony, it was revealed Keshia would be the one opening up a bag, thanks to the random draw. When she did, she discovered it did indeed contain the “recast” power. She took over Head Of Household, and with Shannon safe from eviction, she nominated James and Chuck. “Y’all are gonna be the hardest to beat,” she told them, insisting it wasn’t “personal.” James was angry, declaring “war” to the cameras, and Metta said it was “war,” too, because he wanted to be nominated and wasn’t. On Friday’s two-hour episode, the first eviction will take place.

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