“Celebrity Big Brother” Premiere Recap: Stars Enter The House

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Celebrity Big Brother Premiere Recap February 7 2018

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Big Brother Premiere Recap February 7 2018


On the “Celebrity Big Brother” premiere on Wednesday, the stars entered the house. Get the full recap below!

Last September, CBS announced its first-ever “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.” The cast, however, wasn’t revealed until January. The 11 house guests are Brandi Glanville, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Shannon Elizabeth, Chuck Liddell, James Maslow, Ross Mathews, Mark McGrath, Omarosa, Metta World Peace, Keshia Knight Pulliam and Marissa Jaret Winokur. They’re competing to be the last resident remaining, with a $250,000 prize at stake.

Ostensibly, Brandi might have an advantage as she previously competed on the UK version of “CBB.” That said, she didn’t get too far and was the fourth person evicted. Just like on the British version, though, she and the others will face challenges while living under 24-hour surveillance. Producers have equipped the house, which is located in the Hollywood Hills, with 94 cameras and 113 microphones.

Filming actually began days ago, and the debut episode started with host Julie Chen introducing the special cycle from inside the house. She then went on stage to join the live audience for the cast introductions. Mark said he didn’t see himself as a “threat,” but warned he’s “super competitive.” Brandi admitted, “I will do anything for money,” and confessed she needs to “check my temper at the door.” Metta copped to knowing nothing about “Big Brother,” while Ariadna wanted to show she has brains, not just beauty. And Ross described himself as a “super fan” of “Big Brother” who planned to “nudge my way” to victory.

They were the first to enter the luxury home, after which it was time for the second batch of players to arrive. Shannon said she’s above the category of “super fan,” and planned to use her poker skills to “read” her competitors. Chuck compared this adventure to a “fight,” Keshia saw herself as a “pretty strong contender,” and Marissa revealed her son is the “biggest ‘Big Brother’ fan in the world.” Indeed, there was footage of him crying when he found out his mom would be on the show. Meanwhile, James vowed not to “change who I am for the game.” And then there was Omarosa, who deemed herself a “reality TV legend.” She, too, called herself a “‘Big Brother’ super fan.'”

Ross was stunned when Omarosa walked into the house, while James had no idea Donald Trump was behind “The Apprentice.” Brandi found herself quickly “annoyed” by the “pretty boy,” and he in turn thought she was “rude” and too focused on drinking. That made her his first target for eviction, should he win Head Of Household. Marissa and Shannon secretly aligned, admitting to the cameras that they’re already real-life friends, something they didn’t plan to reveal to the others. But Shannon spilled the beans to Omarosa, and asked her to join “our side.” Omarosa in turn suggested Ariadna join their alliance and that they work on getting the men out. Shannon shared that plan with Keshia and Brandi, who said they’d break up the “bro code” with the “[blank] code.” For that to work, they wanted a woman to be the first HoH.

Before their first HoH competition, the house guests chose random numbers. Omarosa picked the one that Julie revealed guaranteed safety. For the challenge, called “Award Squeezin’,” everyone else had to hold on to life-size award statues as they were raised in the air. There was a song-and-dance number, featuring past contestants, designed to distract them. Marissa was then the first to fall roughly three minutes in. The remaining players were sprayed with water and Metta slipped down. Next, the statues began rotating and a substance rained down from above. Mark and Ross then dropped.

And after Chuck fell, James was the last man standing… or hanging. Ariadna and Keshia dropped next, followed by Brandi. So it came down to James and Shannon, who wanted to “hang on for all of the girls.” James tried to make a “deal,” saying if Shannon let him win, he wouldn’t nominate her for eviction. Omarosa saw James as a “threat” and tried to distract him. The spinning statues then sped up considerably. Ultimately, James fell, making Shannon the victor and the first-ever Head Of Household of “Celebrity Big Brother.” Omarosa saw this as the first step toward an all-woman final if they voted out a strong male, while James realized he needed to change up his social strategy and align with the women.

Waiting in the house were gift bags, which they selected at random. Some contained “swag,” while at least one held the “power” to “recast” the HoH by overthrowing the current person and taking over the role. On Thursday’s second episode, it will be revealed how things shook out before Friday’s episode features the first eviction.

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