Celebrity April Fools’ Day Tweets 2017

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Celebrity April Fools Tweets 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity April Fools Tweets 2017

(Gigi Hadid/Instagram)

It’s April Fools’ Day 2017, and celebrities are marking the occasion on Twitter. Some Hollywood stars are embracing the joke-filled day, while others are reluctant to participate in any pranks. Check out the tweets below.

Gigi Hadid kicked off the pseudo-holiday by posting a photo of herself with what appeared to be freshly-chopped hair (see right). Less than an hour later, however, she tweeted, “jokes jokes .. happy April foolz fwendz.” The model’s luscious locks actually remain unshorn.

Anna Kendrick tweeted, “Ah, April Fools. A day of knowing that if you are actually injured, no one will help you. #SafetyFirst #Worrier.” A short time later, Kendrick’s Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson posted a picture of herself lying on the ground and seemingly bleeding on the set of the third film, which is currently shooting. The comedic actress wrote, “I just played the best April Fools gag on my crew with 1000 extras waiting inside!”

And along with a silly snapshot of himself, Paul McCartney told followers, “Happy April Fool’s Day! #AprilFoolsDay.” Less enthused was Mark Ruffalo, who said, “We have reached a place of such mass absurdity there is nothing I could try on April Fools that seems shocking enough to fool anyone. #sad.” On Instagram, Niecy Nash shared a message that read, “April Fool’s Day is cancelled this year as no made up prank could match the unbelievable sh*t happeing in the real world right now.”

She wrote in the caption, “Mannnnn…. #Truth.” Pal Vivica Fox reposted the message on Twitter, adding, “OMG!! Totally AGREE with this post by my gurl @NiecyNash #RealTalk.” A frustrated Denis Leary tweeted, “It’s 65 and sunny in NYC. #aprilfoolsday Dear Winter: go f*ck yourself.” And “House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon joked, “BREAKING: Trump claims today is not April 1st. GOP leadership scrambles to pass bill making today April 2nd. Freedom Caucus says March 32nd.”

“On this special day make sure you take the time to lie to someone you love,” quipped Josh Groban. Conan O’Brien cracked, “We live in a representative democracy where elected officials are accountable to the people. APRIL FOOLS!” Nicky Hilton warned, “Stay away from me with your Aprils Fools tricks,” while Billy Eichner similarly announced, “Avoiding your April Fools tweets like the Plague!” Mr. T also said, “In Honor of April Fools Day There will Be No Pity for Fools Today! No pity!”

And, as Gossip Cop reported earlier, George Takei’s April Fools’ prank involved pretending he’s running for Congress. We’ll continue to update throughout the day.

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