“Celebrity Apprentice” Recap: Who Was Fired?

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap January 9 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Apprentice Recap January 9 2017


On Monday’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” two more stars were fired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the new season of “Celebrity Apprentice” premiered last week. Carrie Keagan and Carnie Wilson were the first contestants to be “terminated.” A few days after the premiere, former “boss” Donald Trump slammed the new host and the show’s ratings. Schwarzenegger issued a mature response reminding Trump they are “not enemies.”

Now on the second episode, the remaining competitors were tasked with creating a live health segment showcasing how Welch’s grape juice supports a healthy heart and lifestyle. Rocco DiSpirito was welcomed aboard as a special adviser. Laila Ali stepped up to lead the women and Team Prima, while Chael Sonnen volunteered to be project manager for Team Arete and the men.

Sonnen appointed Ricky Williams as his “right-hand man,” and the eight-man group decided to stage a talk show. There was a dissenter, though, when Williams disagreed with kicking off the presentation with a song. He also worried the “informative” aspects were falling too much on himself and Iseman.

The ladies, now down to just six, had a harder time settling on an idea, particularly as Ali rejected things she found “silly.” Ultimately, they, too, opted for a talk show concept, but Kyle Richards and Brooke Burke worried it wasn’t “funny” enough. The group also struggled with the décor and staying within the 10-minute time-limit.

Ali was nevertheless “confident,” and nailed her cooking demonstration, but Porsha Williams and Lisa Leslie clashed over the spotlight. The men’s segment was led by Carson Kressley with Sonnen as the “producer.” The group certainly seemed to engage the audience, but there was fear they didn’t feature the product enough.

In the boardroom, Ali was praised by her team mates, except Leslie, and Sonnen, too, was commended. Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger revealed the Welch’s execs loved the guys’ audience participation, but thought the presentation was “disjointed,” and focused more on health than lifestyle. For the women, DiSpirito said the execs loved the “millennial mom” appeal and Ali’s demo was the “icing on the cake,” though they lacked “audience integration.” In the end, Team Prima scored its first win and $50,000 for Ali and the Women’s Sports Foundation.

Sonnen immediately announced he was going to keep Williams in jeopardy for “turning on him” and objecting to Vince Neil and Boy George’s musical component. Williams, however, said Sonnen should be fired for taking “risks” that didn’t pay off. Sonnen also kept an impassionate Eric Dickerson in the boardroom, calling out his indifference. Schwarzenegger admitted he was “ready to fire” Sonnen, but due to Dickerson’s lack of “hunger” and “care,” he was terminated.

For the episode’s second challenge, the teams had to create a viral video for new barbecue sauces from King’s Hawaiian. iJustine came on as the guest adviser, with Snooki leading the women and Iseman taking charge of the men. They had to focus on viral potential, brand integration, and brand appeal.

Team Prima had two concepts: Richards’ “saucy housewives” and Ali’s “double dipping.” Leslie volunteered to direct, but wasn’t thrilled with either idea, and butted heads with Ali. She then argued with Porsha Williams as well, with Snooki getting pushed to the side and not speaking up. Confusion and tension ensued. And during editing, Williams and Snooki made some bold changes to make up for what they saw as Leslie’s poor directing.

Team Arete went with a football theme led by Williams and a “hot woman” idea spearheaded by Jon Lovitz, who clashed with Boy George and Neil. Disputes also took place between Williams and George, with Iseman accusing the singer of pulling a “diva move” for complaining about being unused during the shoot. Kressley even got injured during filming. Lovitz then objected to Neil’s editing suggestions, as Iseman tried to play peacemaker.

At the screenings, the execs seemed amused by both teams’ clips… until they watched the edited version of Richards’ “saucy housewives.” In the boardroom, she and Leslie called out the finished product, and Snooki received middling reviews from her team mates. It was then revealed the King’s Hawiian execs loved the product appeal and viral potential in the “double dipping” video, but thought the other had no brand recognition.

In contrast, it was said the men made better use of their celebrity and had good production value, though their product appeal should’ve been stronger. Still, Team Arete won, and Iseman was awarded $50,000 for the Arthritis Foundation. After, Schwarzenegger wanted to know who was “at fault” for the women’s “saucy housewives” clip.

Richards insisted she shouldn’t be fired because her idea was corrupted, which Snooki acknowledged. Williams put the blame for the edits on Leslie’s directing. The former WNBA star called those comments “lies,” and again feuded with Ali. Ultimately, Snooki understood the editing was at issue and she and Williams were responsible for that, so she kept both Williams and Leslie with her in jeopardy.

Snooki admitted she was “terrified” to be project manager since she struggles with standing up to “opinionated women.” Leslie swore she was a “team player,” and pointed the finger at Snooki for approving Williams’ edits. Williams, meanwhile, praised herself for stepping up to help Snooki, and blamed Leslie for not taking “risks” and failing in her director role. As Williams and Leslie yelled over each other, Snooki ended up in tears, saying she wanted to take the “fault.”

“I feel like I don’t belong here,” she cried. “I don’t want to see you guys fight.” Schwarzenegger commended the former “Jersey Shore” star for coming this far, though he then announced, “I’m sorry to say, you’re terminated.”

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