“Celebrity Apprentice” Recap: Who Was Fired?

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap January 16 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Apprentice Recap January 16 2017


On Monday’s “The New Celebrity Apprentice,” Arnold Schwarzenegger fired two more stars and the teams were mixed up. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Snooki and Eric Dickerson were fired on last week’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” Now, for the first task on the new installment, the remaining contestants were asked to create a four-image photo campaign for a Kawasaki motorcycles gallery exhibit. Joining Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger as an adviser was tech and finance expert Gemma Godfrey.

Kyle Richards stepped up to lead the women and Team Prima, while Carson Kressley volunteered to be project manager for the men and Team Arete. They would be judged on creativity, demographic appeal, and presentation. Both sides met with the Kawasaki executives to learn about the bikes.

Kressley wanted “artsy” studio shots of unexpected people riding motorcycles. He even offered to do a “tasteful nude” pose himself, and lined up a drag queen for another snapshot. Chael Sonnen, Vince Neil and Jon Lovitz, however, all thought this was the wrong direction. Still, Kressley got butt naked and sat right on a motorcycle, and some of the guys had their own (clothed) time in the spotlight, too. Ultimately, the naked pic was cut from the display, though Lovitz and Sonnen still didn’t get including the drag queen.

Knowing the ladies lost three of the four prior challenges and her own concepts were questioned, Richards welcomed ideas from her teammates, and they decided to incorporate themselves in outdoor pics for a “powerful women” theme. Godfrey questioned whether the poses were creative enough, and Brooke Burke’s “macho” husband, David Charvet, refused to sit in the back for their couple shot. But it was one of Lisa Leslie’s pics that was cut, in favor of Porsha Williams. Richards was still confident after the presentation went well.

In the boardroom, it was revealed the execs loved the guys’ creativity and thought Kressley “nailed” the presentation, but he pushed the envelope a tad “too much.” For the women, the girls “nailed” showcasing the bikes’ features, but didn’t push the envelope enough, particularly with Burke and Charvet’s “safe” shot. Ultimately, Team Arete was victorious, and Kressley won $25,000 for the True Colors Fund. Richards still received $25,000 from Kawasaki for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Burke tried to defend the issue with her husband, but refused to take “responsibility” for the whole team’s loss. Richards kept her in jeopardy, though, along with Williams, as that was the other pic negatively singled out. Schwarzenegger noted this wasn’t the first time Richards’ creativity has led to a loss, and since she was now project manager, she was “terminated.”

In the episode’s second challenge, the teams were mixed up to combine both genders. The new groups each had to create their own See’s Candy chocolate for owner Warren Buffett, and then sell it in a store. The winner would be chosen based on total sales, though the mogul would give a $25,000 bonus after a taste test.

Vince Neil offered to be project manager for the new Team Prima with Sonnen, Leslie, Porsha Williams, and Kressley, while Ricky Williams would head Team Arete with Burke, Ali, Lovitz, Boy George and Matt Iseman. The former promptly started fundraising, while the latter tried to develop their candy flavor. An argument ensued between Lovitz and Ricky Williams, who sent him to Nebraska for the Buffett presentation just to get him away.

Iseman, stressed about getting donations, first worked in the candy-making factory with Ali. Burke was also concerned about Ricky Williams coming through with his promised $300,000. At the store, they all tried to woo everyday customers, but Burke still worried about getting the big bucks until they seemed to hit a stride.

Meanwhile, Neil was happy to focus on bringing in money from donors, while the rest of the team developed a cashew brittle based on Buffett’s known likes. Sonnen happily went to Nebraska over Leslie’s objections, as Kressley and Porsha Williams made the candy. Neil’s pledges all came through, and more big donors showed up to the store, too.

In the boardroom, Ricky Williams admitted he didn’t fulfill his own goal, and instead championed Boy George for all the money he brought in. They and Team Arete raised $365,745 overall, while Neil and Team Prima’s efforts totaled $378,535. And with Buffett picking Neil’s candy as his favorite, they stayed well in the lead with the bonus, ultimately winning the opposing team’s cash, too, for the Cleveland Clinic.

After, Schwarzenegger called out Williams for “falling definitely short” with his fundraising, and questioned why the team didn’t bother to research Buffett’s tastes. The project manager singled out Lovitz as the “weakest link,” particularly since he only brought in $500. The comedian acknowledged his low total, but also noted that his ideas were rejected, while Ali defended her losing candy flavor.

Both were kept in jeopardy, and continued to point fingers at each other with Williams. But although Schwarzenegger kept criticizing the project manager for not going full-throttle with the fundraising, in the end, he told Lovitz, “Jon, you’re terminated.”

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