“Celebrity Apprentice” Recap: Who Was Fired In Triple Termination?!

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap January 23

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Apprentice Recap January 23


“The New Celebrity Apprentice” had a TRIPLE termination on Monday’s show. Find out who Arnold Schwarzenegger fired below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Kyle Richards and Jon Lovitz were both fired on last week’s episode. By the end of tonight’s two-hour broadcast, three more stars would be gone, too. The remaining contestants were first asked to market protein snacks for Lorissa’s Kitchen.

“The Biggest Loser” trainer Bob Harper joined Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger as an adviser. The task required the teams to host publicity stunts at Hermosa Beach, with audience engagement, brand messaging and creativity as the criteria. Brooke Burke wanted her “turn” to lead Arete, with Lisa Leslie as the Prima project manager.

Burke went with a “healthy choices” theme for a “Lorissa’s lifestyle lounge.” They planned a group “booty burn” workout, but Ricky Williams didn’t see how that was enough. Burke even admitted she was “playing it safe,” alarming teammates Laila Ali, Matt Iseman and Boy George. During the hour-long presentation, though, all were enthusiastic, with Boy George sharing his own weight loss story as Iseman played up the snacks’ health benefits and Burke led a workout.

Leslie wrestled with wanting to draw a crowd, as Vince Neil suggested using bikini-clad women, without “drawing attention away from the brand.” Carson Kressley was also wary of doing a fitness aspect, knowing Burke would likely be doing that. But they actually decided to do multiple workout demos, along with a tasting kitchen. Along the way, Leslie also alienated Porsha Williams and Chael Sonnen, with everyone thinking she was a “terrible leader.” Later, Kressley and Sonnen tried to attract bystanders from Burke’s presentation. Neil was just happy to have his “hot girls” dancing, and they seemed to embrace a fitness-fueled party atmosphere.

In the boardroom, it was revealed the executives liked the “farm to table” setting of Burke’s presentation and her “authentic” connection to the brand, but thought she used the available space poorly. They loved the mom-focus of Leslie’s presentation, the use of space, and how Kressley was engaging, but thought it was chaotic and the dancing women were “off-brand.”

Team Arete ultimately won, with Burke getting $50,000 for Operation Smile. Leslie denied “losing control” over her team, but blamed Neil for the sexy dancers, even though she “signed off” on it. Sonnen actually said his project manager “never had control,” and that it was a “disaster” from the get-go. The two sparred, with Leslie calling him a “BSer.” Asked who was “weaker,” Kressley said it was a “tie.”

Schwarzenegger called Leslie out for previously clashing with the all-women team and now with guys Sonnen and Neil, but also criticized the two men for not going above and beyond. But as Leslie and Sonnen battled, Neil stunned everyone by saying he himself should be fired. And so, the boss terminated the rocker.

In the installment’s second challenge, the teams had to create a celebrity-inspired digital brochure for “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” at Universal Studios Hollywood. Guest adviser Tracey Edmonds offered advice, with the groups getting judged on creativity, brand integration and presentation. Potter “nerd” Iseman volunteered to be project manager for Arete, while Kressley led the non-Potterheads on Prima.

An ecstatic Iseman decided to show the “magic” of Potter through the Daily Prophet. They took photos and video of a family throughout the park and featured them in a digital newspaper. Ali worried that it was only geared to fans and not newbies like herself, and Burke thought it was “too ambitious.” But Iseman hammed it up during the presentation, and the crowd seemed to love it.

For their brochure, Kressley and Williams wanted to have the Potter attraction be the star that outshines these real-life stars. Leslie was skeptical, while Sonnen admittedly didn’t contribute at all. It was chaotic as they snapped photos with no game plan, and they then struggled to choose which pics to use to fit their theme. Worried that they’d run out of time, Sonnen discreetly cut a computer wire to cause a technical problem and “stop the clock.”

At the presentation, the crowd didn’t react much at all, and Kressley and Leslie were eager to talk about Sonnen’s duplicitous actions in the boardroom. They filled Schwarzenegger in, but Sonnen denied that he was “cheating.” The Governor was furious, and immediately told him, “I will not tolerate cheaters in my boardroom. You’re fired.”

Schwarzenegger told the others, “I fired Chael because he broke the rules. Now I’m going to fire someone because they lost the task.” It was revealed the execs thought Iseman was “incredible” and “loved” the brochure. In contrast, Kressley’s presentation was “uninspired” and his offerings “predictable.” Unsurprisingly, Team Arete won, and Iseman received $50,000 for his charity, the Arthritis Foundation, for the second time in the competition.

Schwarzenegger was surprised to see Kressley struggled given his strength thus far, and he took responsibility for leading the charge through all the Sonnen drama. Frenemies Williams and Leslie both thought the other would be less valuable moving forward, leading to a cat fight. Kressley said Williams assisted him “more,” but had to acknowledge he himself was most responsible for the failed creativity.

Still, throughout the episode, Schwarzenegger thought Williams was avoiding answering his questions directly, making him increasingly angry. He also pointed out that she’s lost six out of eight tasks. And so, with Kressley’s track record and hers in mind, he told her, “You’re terminated.”

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