“Celebrity Apprentice” Recap: Who Was Fired In Triple Termination?

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap January 30 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Apprentice Recap January 30 2017


Three more stars were fired on “The New Celebrity Apprentice” on Monday. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the NBC competition had its first triple termination last week when Vince Neil, Chael Sonnen and Porsha Williams were all fired. Now on the new episode, the remaining contestants were on the chopping block again with two new tasks. For the first challenge, Steve Ballmer joined Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger as a guest adviser for a basketball-themed assignment.

The teams had to create T-shirts for Clippers fans and come up with a “time-out show” presentation that would energize the crowd. They would be judged on creativity, t-shirt design, and audience engagement. Lisa Leslie stepped up to lead Prima (Boy George and Carson Kressley), while Ricky Williams wanted to be project manager for Arete (Brooke Burke, Matt Iseman, and Laila Ali).

As a former WNBA player, Leslie felt pressure and worried her team mates were clueless about the sport. She put Kressley in charge of t-shirt design with Boy George writing an original song. Kressley would also serve as their hype man, and Leslie actually planned to rap. Knapp Schwarzenegger questioned why she didn’t plan to use a ball at all.

Williams had his teammates do research on Ballmer and the Clippers, with Iseman volunteering to imitate the owner’s enthusiastic personality. He tested it out on Ballmer during their prep session, though, and was accused of “pandering” and being “shameless.” Burke helped come up with the shirt design, but feared Williams wasn’t being “creative enough.”

Come show time, Iseman still went “full Ballmer,” but his “We Love This Team” chant only went over halfway well, prompting Williams to take over. Ballmer seemed to enjoy, but actually stood excitedly as Boy George and Leslie performed. In the boardroom, both teams thought they nailed it.

Ballmer again called Iseman “shameless,” but gave Team Arete the edge for energy. He was disappointed Leslie didn’t shoot, but Prima’s t-shirt design and George’s song won him over with their creativity. As project manager, Leslie earned $75,000 for the Semper Fi Fund.

Williams admitted they “missed the mark” and weren’t creative enough. A sick Laila Ali was deemed the “weak link,” but defended her participation. And though they lost in t-shirt design, Burke stood up for her concept, but reiterated her concern that Williams didn’t go far enough.

The two women were left in jeopardy with Williams, and the trio hashed it all out again, with Schwarzenegger pointing out Williams had now lost twice as the project manager. When he questioned Ali’s commitment, she stressed her success as a previous leader and her fighting spirit. That saved her, and Williams’ dual loss led Schwarzenegger to tell him, “You’re terminated.”

In the second challenge, reigning “Celebrity Apprentice” winner Leeza Gibbons returned as the adviser. The teams were tasked with selling fitness equipment on QVC. They had to choose one of four items, price it, develop a pitch, and then sell as many as they could during an eight-minute segment from Muscle Beach.

Prima, led by Kressley, picked the DoubleFlex Total Body Gym. Having lost 94 pounds, Boy George would be the testimonial person and Kressley would be the selling host, but Leslie objected to sitting in a truck producing. She questioned being pushed aside as both an athlete and a woman, and Boy George thought she was being bossy. They went with a price of $99.99 to attract the cost-conscious, and Gibbons hoped Boy George would be a “secret weapon” if Leslie was forced behind the scenes.

Arete, with Burke in charge, chose the Obsidian Slide Board. She thought she and Ali would complement each other well as co-hosts. That left Iseman to produce, which Burke thought was a big responsibility. Knowing a shipping delay might turn off buyers, they priced the equipment at $109.99 in hopes of making extra money. Gibbons, though, thought it was unnecessarily costly, and was shocked they chose a product that was out of stock. That had Burke thinking she made a huge mistake.

During the presentation, Gibbons and Knapp Schwarzenegger were impressed by Kressley and George, but it didn’t seem phone sales for Prima went that well. Burke didn’t have a game plan for Arete, and Iseman worried about winging it. It was Ali’s presence that helped boost sales.

In the boardroom, both sides thought they did their best, but Kressley was slammed for not having Leslie on camera. He defended his QVC expertise, as did Burke when she was grilled over her high cost and the shipping delay. It was ultimately revealed Prima sold 88 units for a total of $8,798, while Arete sold 156 units for $17,158. And so Burke won $50,000 for Operation Smile.

Leslie was now criticized for not letting Kressley know sales were flat during the segment, and Schwarzenegger even said she should’ve left the production truck to take over, but she put it all on Kressley as the project manager. It was also said Boy George should’ve been used more, too, given his story, and Schwarzenegger ripped Kressley for his “failure” as a leader.

“This is a major, major defeat. And this is why I have to say today, I’m going to fire two of you,” the boss announced. With Kressley’s two losses as project manager, as well as Leslie’s lack of attack and five return trips to the boardroom, both were terminated. Now it’s down to the final four: Brooke Burke, Matt Iseman, Boy George and Laila Ali.

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