“Celebrity Apprentice” Premiere Recap: Who Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Fire First?

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Celebrity Apprentice Premiere Recap 2017Celebrity Apprentice Premiere Recap 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Apprentice Premiere Recap 2017Celebrity Apprentice Premiere Recap 2017


“The New Celebrity Apprentice” premiered on Monday, with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the “boss” role formerly occupied by Donald Trump. Get the full recap and find out who was fired first below!

As Gossip Cop reported, NBC severed ties with Trump in the summer of 2015, after he kicked off his presidential campaign with inflammatory comments about Mexicans. In September, it was revealed Schwarzenegger would replace him at the head of the boardroom, a move endorsed by Trump himself. The cast of contestants was announced in January 2016, but the broadcast wasn’t scheduled until after the presidential election. Now, with Trump set to be inaugurated in a matter of days, he retains his producer credit as the series officially kicks off its next chapter.

Sixteen celebrities are competing to be the “apprentice,” and they’ve been divided into teams based on gender. On the men’s side, “Team Arete,” is Eric Dickerson, Boy George, Matt Iseman, Carson Kresley, Jon Lovitz, Vince Neil, Chael Sonnen, and Ricky Williams. On the women’s “Team Prima” side is Laila Ali, Brooke Burke, Carrie Keagan, Lisa Leslie, Snooki, Kyle Richards, Porsha Williams, and Carnie Wilson.

For the first task, the competitors had to create a 10-minute “TYRA Beauty experience” for adviser Tyra Banks, with the winning team chosen based on presentation and overall knowledge of the brand. The women elected Porsha Williams to be project manager, while the men nominated Boy George. Both, however, were reluctant to be the first leaders.

The guys embraced the idea of doing makeup demonstrations to show that if “manly men” can apply Banks’ products to women, anyone can, but Ricky Williams feared they’d do a poor job. At the presentation, Iseman enthusiastically kicked things off, and touted their motto, “I came, I saw, I contoured.” Banks seemed happily amused.

The girls chose to have their four models apply the makeup themselves to show the easiness of using Banks’ products. Williams was intimated when she realized not only Banks was in attendance, but also Schwarzenegger and his adviser, nephew Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger. And when they all tried to deliver their slogan (“Transform what you got to get what you want”) at the same time, it seemed a little out of sync.

In the boardroom, Schwarzenegger called the presentations “fantastic,” but said one team was “superior.” Boy George and Williams both sang the praises of their respective team mates. Banks appreciated the ladies’ “energy,” but questioned the lack of details in the presentation and the decision not to use their “famous faces” on a celebrity-themed show. In contrast, she cheered the men’s “knowledge,” and way they showed off each product.

It was no surprise, then, when Team Arete was named the winner, with $50,000 going to Boy George’s charity, Safe Kids Worldwide. Williams accepted Banks’ criticism, but defended the women’s approach. Through tears, she refused to say who Schwarzenegger should fire, but insisted it shouldn’t be her. Ultimately, though, she let everyone off the hook but Keagan and Snooki.

Williams said Snooki should be fired for underperforming, which the “Jersey Shore” star called “bullsh*t,” but the “Real Housewives” star also said Keagan was too quick to blame her as project manager. Schwarzenegger commended Williams for putting herself “out there,” despite “mistakes,” and questioned whether Keagan took enough “risks.” In the end, he announced, “Carrie, you’re terminated. Now get to the chopper.”

In the second half of the premiere, for the next challenge, the groups had to make a song and video to promote Trident’s “Cherish Your Teeth” campaign. Tasked with celebrating all kinds of smiles, they would be judged on campaign integration, creativity and overall presentation. Wilson volunteered to be project manager for the women, while Lovitz stepped up for the men.

Wilson embraced a boxing-themed idea from Richards, using Ali to show what a “knockout smile” is. Although Leslie thought the concept didn’t match all of the campaign’s goals. she took charge of filming the video. Naturally, Wilson came up with the song, but was thrown for a loop when the footage she received was so poor, it had to be reshot.

Lovitz’s teammates were less than thrilled with his pitch, so he gave into Kressley’s idea of showing the “little things” that make people smile. Boy George and Neil took on composing the song, but the former was unhappy the Motley Crue member was drinking as they worked. The rest of the guys pulled off a chaotic video shoot, though Boy George was highly critical of Lovitz’s editing.

Come presentation time, both teams were fairly confident with their finished product, but the Trident executives looked less than pleased. And in the boardroom, both Leslie and Boy George admitted they disliked some of their team’s decisions. That included bringing up Neil’s drinking.

As for the execs, the Trident bosses loved the guys’ “core message” and use of their celebrity, but thought the production was “sloppy.” On the flip side, they loved the women’s production values, but thought the concept’s plot distracted from the “every day smile” motto. The men were again declared the victors, giving Lovitz $50,000 for St. Jude’s.

Richards and the others stood by their concept, except of course for Leslie, who put the blame on the “Real Housewife” and project manager Wilson. But when Snooki refused to say who should be fired, Wilson opted to keep her in jeopardy, along with Leslie. Schwarzenegger questioned why Richards was given a pass, prompting Wilson to say she put in more effort than the other two. They, of course, defended themselves, and Leslie even championed Snooki’s worth.

Schwarzenegger saw no reason to fire Snooki or Leslie, and told Wilson she was “terminated” for not bring back Richards and “miscalculating” the whole thing. He added, “Hasta la vista, baby!”

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