‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Recap: Sig Hansen Explodes, Kenya Moore Makes New Enemy Before Two More Stars Are Fired

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap January

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Apprentice Recap January


The new season of “Celebrity Apprentice” continued on Monday with another pair of back-to-back new episodes. One unexpected contestant exploded, Kenya Moore made a new enemy, and two more stars got fired. Get the full recap below!

For the first task, the teams were asked to give boat tours of New York City, the perfect opportunity for Sig Hansen to finally step up as project manager for Vivica Fox, Kate Gosselin, and Geraldo Rivera. On the other side, Brandi Glanville volunteered to lead Kenya Moore, Johnny Damon, Leeza Gibbons, and Ian Ziering, also taking the helm for the first time. The winner would be up to the general public, who would judge the tour’s theme and entertainment.

Hansen wondered if the expectations would be unfairly high for him given his “Deadliest Catch” background, but Rivera was confident that he could provide the New York City know-how with a historical perspective related to the Revolutionary War. That finally united the feuding Fox and Gosselin, who were extremely turned off by his ideas, and they successfully got Rivera to abandon his concept. It was instead decided to do a “Love Boat”-inspired theme, with a “Sexiest Catch” slogan. But the female stars were turned off again when Hansen decided to get “Hooters” women as part of the entertainment. “Let’s face it. Sex sells. Always has, always will,” said the boat captain.

The next day, Hansen began worrying about the “type of people” who would be showing up and seeing the big-breasted women, and started losing his patience as the last-minute details piled up. The reality star then exploded and began cursing, screaming, and slamming things, leaving Gosselin genuinely scared. After departure, Rivera handled emcee duties, very obviously turning off the crowd with his commentary about the city, even yelling at one point as they passed the new World Trade Center tower, “Screw the terrorists! We’ve won!” Hansen, meanwhile, found himself having fun as “Hooter” women walked around, though the lady guests on board seemed less than interested, particularly as Rivera started interviewing the ample-bosomed beauties. But Hansen was convinced they “knocked it out of the park,” and said if any guests didn’t enjoy, he wanted their address so he could “go punch their teeth out.”

Glanville was confident that, even though Hansen had the boating advantage, she could throw the better party, and quickly gave each of her team members assignments, but there was fear Ziering and Moore wanted to see her fail. “There’s a pressure to being on a team when you know you can’t trust your teammates,” Glanville told the camera. “Let’s be honest. Kenya absolutely wants to see me go down. I can’t trust her as far as I can throw her, and I can’t even pick that b*tch up.” Afraid of alienating her allies, Glanville at first reluctantly went with Gibbons’ “Mardi Gras Manhattan” concept. But, despite everyone already getting to work, the “Real Housewives” star later decided to change course, worrying that their theme was too New Orleans. That left the team scrambling for a new idea, before they finally settled on “Big Apple Bonanza.” “It’s much better than f*cking Mardi Gras,” declared Glanville.

The team happily greeted their guests the following day, with Glanville pleased everything came together, with dancers, a boy band, magician, and more. Gibbons took charge as the tour’s emcee, and the guests appeared to be having a lot of fun. Gibbons even admitted that if they won, Glanville deserved the credit for changing their plans. But she was worried, however, when Moore took the microphone for a performance of her song “Gone with the Wind Fabulous.” Some of the crowd seemed to embrace it, while others appeared bothered by what Glanville termed Moore’s “nasty-a** grinding,” when the event was intended to be “classy” and “family-friendly.”

After the guests on each cruise filled out comment cards with ratings, the two teams settled in the boardroom to assess what went right and what went wrong. Hansen began by noting they had one less team member, and made the case for why his charity, the U.S. Coast Guard, deserved to be rewarded. He defended enlisting the “Hooter” gals, but Gosselin said that was the one part she objected to. Glanville deemed Gibbons and Damon her best players, but noted that Moore worked well. Ziering, however, brought up the last-minute theme change, and Glanville defended her “executive decision” to avoid an “epic fail.”

It was revealed the guests believed Glanville had an “inclusive” and “festive atmosphere,” with high praise going to Gibbons. They were, however, apparently confused about the “Big Apple Bonanza” theme, and the evaluations were split over Moore’s performance. On the other side, Hansen’s guests were high on Fox, and on the theme with the music and food. But the two “big negatives” were Rivera’s “political” comments becoming “polarizing,” and that the event was too catered to men with the “Hooters” angle. Ultimately it was announced Glanville’s team won, giving her more than $50,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and marking the third win in a row for her team.

Donald Trump still promised to give the Coast Guard $25,000, but it was a small consolation to Hansen. Gosselin was quick to say none of her teammates deserved to be fired except for Hansen, as he was project manager and spearheaded the whole “Hooters” aspect. Rivera appeared be conflicted, as did Fox. Hansen called out the women for not voicing opposition to the “Hooters” girls, and Trump admitted he was disheartened because he was a big fan of the guy. But, “I have no choice,” said the boss man. “Sig, you’re fired.”

For the night’s second challenge, Moore was moved to the other team, joining Fox, Gosselin, and Rivera, leaving Glanville delighted. For the task, the groups were told of the hotel Trump National Doral in Miami, which had to inspire “an interactive-themed environment” showcasing the resort’s new amenities, with an emphasis on creativity, brand integration, and overall guest experience. Gosselin and Ziering stepped up as project managers for their respective teams.

Rivera, having been at the Miami venue, suggested an idea based on the Blue Monster golf course, but Moore and Fox worried it wasn’t classy enough and came off more like a theme park. The reality star generated more ideas for different aspects of the display, but Gosselin wanted to send her off shopping, noting to the camera that if she wanted to handle design, she could’ve asked to be the team leader when she had the chance. Moore angrily went off with Fox, who made clear that she was well-aware her new colleague could help or hurt their efforts. Gosselin found herself repeatedly interrupted by text messages from Moore complaining about Fox, and it became clear the two women were not seeing eye to eye, as the “Real Housewives” star blamed the actress for their trip taking an unexpectedly long amount of time.

The next day, Gosselin was happy to see everything worked out well, as far as she was concerned, with areas showcasing a spa, resort room, golf section, and kiddie area, but worried that they lost valuable time with “girl drama” that would hurt them in the end. They ultimately represented the “Blue Monster” via a kids’ character and adult drink, and Rivera declared himself the event’s “social chair” as he focused on “lubricating in every sense.” Really. Trump’s sons Eric and Don brought executives with them to evaluate their creation, and Moore faked her way through the presentation, telling the camera that their set “looked like crap.” Gosselin was candid to the advisors about the issues with Moore and Fox, but believed that in the end, their “experience was awesome.”

Ziering’s camp quickly decided to recreate the atmosphere of a Trump hotel, focusing on class and luxury, with the actor determined to run things like a “meritocracy,” ready to reward those who did well and call out those who didn’t deliver. Unfortunately, Ziering’s vision wasn’t clear to the rest of the team as he seemed confused while working on the design aspects. He ultimately sent Glanville and Damon on a shopping trip, and the baseball player regretted promising to get a major golf pro to show up for the event. Still, everyone later seemed impressed by Ziering’s connections and they seemed on a better path as it all came together.

Damon ultimately couldn’t provide his guy, but Ziering secured a golf pro of his own, and he was convinced they had an “advantage,” with a massage area and other interactive, high-end aspects, complete with signs recreating the same displays that are at the actual facility in Florida. Ziering and Glanville, who butted heads in last week’s episode, again conflicted, though, with the reality star calling him a “control freak,” and predicting it would be his “downfall.” Ziering was put on the spot by one of the executives, and Glanville was complimented for “doing homework” and knowing the answers to specific questions about the venue when their team leader didn’t. Still, Ziering believed he pulled it all off.

Back in the boardroom, Moore surprisingly praised her new team, even Fox and Gosselin, saying their project manager did a “wonderful job.” The mom of eight, however, said there were “struggles” between the two other women, and Fox and Moore battled it out in front of Trump. On the other team, Ziering said “everyone came through” for him, and them embarrassed himself by incorrectly saying the name of Trump’s property. But by insisting everyone did well, he set himself up to take the fall if they lost, so Ziering then backtracked and called out Damon for not delivering enough. The decision was ultimately up to Don and Eric, and they said “it wasn’t even close.” Don said Ziering’s experience was truly luxurious and interactive, but they felt the family aspect was lacking. Eric said Gosselin’s team, however, nailed the kid part, especially with the Blue Monster mascot, but believed they “really missed the mark” by not having the “Trump luxury” or interactive elements.

So it was no surprise then when Ziering was declared the winner, giving him money for Epidermolysis Bullosa research. A “shocked” Gosselin was left grasping for an explanation for her loss, before blaming it on getting their props so late due to Fox and Moore’s issues. Asked to choose between the two, Gosselin said she preferred Fox, but Moore pointed out that she previously won against the actress when they went head-to-head in a challenge earlier in the season. That prompted Fox to say how she felt the reality star “would stab you in your back in a heartbeat.” The girls once again battled it out, and for Gosselin, it just proved her point that “girl drama” got “in the wake of work.” Gosselin said point-blank that her team would “operate better” without Moore, but Moore pointed out that prior to her joining, the team had already lost three challenges in a row.

Moore moved on to begging and sucking up, telling Trump and sons, “You guys really are the First Family of America.” (Someone might want to inform the Obamas.) Don, however, called out the “Real Housewives” star for talking so wonderfully about Fox and Gosselin before the results, only to blame them now for the team’s failure, even when she largely handled the creative aspect that led to their downfall. After Moore and Fox sniped over plastic surgery, there was a brief break for Rivera to say Gosselin did a “great job” given the circumstances. In the end, however, it wasn’t enough. Trump pointed out that Gosselin, as project manager, did fail to accurately represent his property, and now her time had come, telling her, “Kate, you’re fired.” Gosselin was stunned, and walked out saying, “I totally didn’t see that coming.” But Trump said when she left the room, “She’s very nice, but I had no choice. So that was that.” What do you think of the results?!


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