Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Two Fired, Shawn Johnson’s Period Leads To Drama

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap January 5 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Apprentice Recap January 5 2015


“The Celebrity Apprentice” season 7 premiere continued on Monday with back-to-back new episodes featuring TWO challenges and TWO eliminations. Get the FULL recap below!

For the first episode, the teams, still divided by gender but with the women missing fired project manager Keshia Knight Pulliam, were tasked with creating a commercial for organization company Neat’s wireless scanner and cloud service. Kevin Jonas stepped up to lead the men, but the women were more hesitant, before Kate Gosselin finally said she would do it.

Jonas, feeling he had a “leg up,” immediately came up with a timeline and concept, with Ian Ziering and Lorenzo Lama’s help. Previous project manager Geraldo Rivera felt excluded from “the brain trust,” deeming Jonas “jealous” and “insecure.” Ziering believed Rivera had a “strategy” to “undermine” Jonas, who made clear he wouldn’t stand for such behavior. He ultimately allowed Rivera to handle the script, and soon filming commenced with Gilbert Gottfried starring as a harried businessman under Loreno Lamas’ direction.

Sig Hansen secured Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” to do the ad’s voiceover, making Rivera feeling “conspired against,” as he believed his voice would be better. When Jonas tired to get Rivera to listen before speaking, the veteran journalist got angry, and warned, “Don’t give me that bullsh*t, man.” Lamas tried to make Rivera feel more included, and even let him record a backup voiceover, but was turned off when Rivera remained egotistical and unfriendly.

Among the ladies, who were without Kenya Moore due to a prior commitment, fear crept in quickly when Gosselin admitted she wasn’t good with technology and felt confused. Even after a talk with the Neat executives, the mom of eight still seemed lost. As various members suggested ideas, and then agreed on Shawn Johnson’s concept using the company’s “neatologist,” Gosselin couldn’t keep up, leading Leeza Gibbons to make herself a “defacto PM.” Brandi Glanville found herself struggling to stay calm, and Gosselin warned her, “Don’t default to drama.”

Glanville and Vivica Fox starred in the commercial, with Gibbons providing the narration. Moore showed up at the tale end of editing, and as everyone was pleased with the finished version, Gibbons patted herself on the back for taking the reins. Following the presentation, the executives and Donald Trump, Jr. were all smiles, making them feel quite relieved.

Terell Owens helped Jonas, Lamas and Ziering with editing, and they felt confident with the product, but Rivera had criticisms. At their presentation, the full ad was revealed to also feature Ziering and Owens, and Jonas was gratified to see the execs “shaking their heads yes.” In the boardroom afterward, Rivera actually praised Jonas and was sure they won, but then complained that the singer had special “confidantes.” Jonas defended relying on Lamas and Ziering, who had experience on camera in non-news settings, but noted that no one on the team was a weak link. As it turned out, the executives loved Gottfried as the lead, but felt the ad didn’t “go far enough” or stress the cloud service enough.

On the women’s side, Gosselin seemed unsure whether they secured the victory, but insisted she wouldn’t be the one to be fired, and instead suggested Glanville for being a “distraction” despite also acting willing and helpful. The “Real Housewives” star admitted she had concerns about timing and may have panicked. It was revealed the executives felt the product was effectively covered, but that the ad only appealed to a small audience. Still, the gals were declared the winners, and Gosselin got $40,000 for her charity, Camp Barnabas, which serves children with special needs.

Jonas attempted to explain their loss by pinning it on Rivera’s script, and his alleged unwillingness to alter it at all. Ziering, too, put the blame on Rivera, though Owens said, “It starts with the project manager and works it way down.” Not surprisingly, Jonas kept Rivera in the boardroom, but also shockingly chose Ziering, thinking their “unified front” would save them from the elimination. The Jonas Brother continued to hold Rivera responsible for the team’s shortcomings, but Trump questioned why director Lamas wasn’t brought back instead of “friend” Ziering.

But the “Beverly Hills, 90210” star also advocated for Rivera’s firing, backing up Jonas’ complaints. Rivera, however, defended himself, and maintained that he would’ve done a better job if he was at the helm. Trump was still stumped by Lamas’ absence, and then Jonas threw Ziering under the bus, saying his other assets as project manager warranted keeping him over the other two. Trump was also confused as to why Ziering wasn’t upset with Jonas for putting him in jeopardy. When Jonas backtracked and said Ziering deserved to stay, Trump then declared, “Then Kevin, you’re fired.”

After that drama, the second episode began, with a challenge requiring the male/female teams to create a product tasting and presentation for Luvo’s healthy frozen food at a pop-up bistro. Fox quickly volunteered to lead the girls, while Owens was chosen for the guys. The actress soon realized it would be no small task as all the women talked over one another. They ultimately decided on the slogan, “Love yourself, one bite a time.” Moore suggested showcasing all the different types of Luvo eaters, and the concept and acting parts were nailed down.

Rivera was quick with insulting jokes at the team meeting, but Owens felt it was important to give him “creative freedom.” Ziering was again turned off by Rivera’s dominating nature, but an idea was eventually hatched. Each member would be responsible for scripting a presentation for a dish, and the men were concerned about Gottfried’s pitch, though he rejected Rivera and Owens’ advice. Lamas thought Rivera’s slogan of “Eat lean. Live long. Luvo for a delicious life,” was weak, and predicted it would come back to hurt Owens, who as the leader, approved it.

Fox was dismayed when Johnson was lackluster due to her period, cracking to the camera, “I had no idea it was going to turn out to be a PMS week,” but the athlete attempted to pull her weight during a shopping trip. Fox became harried as various responsibilities popped up, and then found herself losing patience when Gosselin was taking too long with the shopping. That made things hectic and everyone got frazzled, especially as their rehearsal time was wasted. “You’re asking for disaster,” predicted Moore.

The men presented first, and Lamas was pleased that it “went off without a hitch.” At least until Gottfried came out with dessert, and said the pops tasted “fattening,” and made an off-color joke about his wife having sex with him, though he was seemingly taking Rivera’s suggestion to reference his kids. The women, meanwhile, struggled to get their food out on time, prompting Fox, who was in drag as a fitness coach, to improvise. Jamie Anderson and Moore had words in the kitchen, but they ultimately pulled it all together.

Back in the boardroom, Fox was asked which teammate she’d like replaced, and she named Johnson, questioning whether the Olympic medalist really wanted to be in the competition. “She had a monthly problem that was bothering her, and I just felt like she was not herself,” said the actress. Trump asked, “She had a woman’s monthly problem?” Fox replied, “Mmhm, she got her damn period!” Johnson rejected the notion that she checked out, and cited her hours-long shopping trip with Gosselin, who came to her defense. Moore, however, agreed with Fox, and said there should “never be a period of time when we’re weaker, no pun intended.” Anderson, meanwhile, slammed the “Real Housewives” star as “rude” and “mean.”

The executives were happy with the girls’ message and enthusiasm, but noted the execution was off, and product details were largely ignored. They loved the men’s professional service, and that each star tied their personality into the products, but thought the slogan featured claims that would be hard to substantiate. And, of course, Gottfried’s humor was knocked for not being “appropriate for a family brand.”

Fox’s team managed to pull out the win, getting $50,000 for her charity, Best Buddies. During the celebration, Johnson told Fox she respected her opinion about her low energy, but exclaimed “how dare you say the reason why,” calling the comment “trashy.” Meanwhile, Owens, who at first thought they had met all the criteria and won, dejectedly admitted he understood why they lost, particularly with Gottfried’s sexual comment. Gottfried, however, didn’t think he was ultimately responsible for the loss, and said he valued getting laughs above all else.

Ziering called the slogan “mediocre,” and said Owens did a “good” job, before acknowledging the NFL star failed in reigning in Gottfried. Rivera admitted he was “self-interested,” and therefore wouldn’t say anything bad about his slogan. Hansen said he wished they knew what was disliked more: the humor (Gottfried) or the slogan (Rivera and Owens). Owens accepted that logic, and kept the two men in jeopardy with him.

Owens suggested Gottfried deserved to be fired, and stressed how much he wanted to stay on the show. Rivera, too, said he was determined to see the competition through. When it came to Gottfried, the comedian couldn’t give a clear answer about whether or not he cared that much, but again defended his dirty humor. Trump acknowledged he couldn’t fire him for being “inappropriate,” when he himself is, too, sometimes, but cited the executives’ dislike as his reason to say, “Gilbert, you’re fired!”

What do you think of tonight’s two firings? Do you have any team favorites yet?


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