Celebrity Apprentice Recap Shocker: FOUR Stars Are Fired And Kenya Moore Allegedly STEALS Vivica Fox’s Cell Phone

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap February 2 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Apprentice Recap February 2 2015


Monday’s double episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” featured a shocking QUADRUPLE elimination with FOUR STARS FIRED by the end of the two hours. Get the full recap here!

For the first challenge, the teams had to create a “photobombing campaign” for baked goods company King’s Hawaii. The contestants were instructed to take original photos of New York City that would then be digitally altered to include the products, and also create hashtags to spark social media conversations. Johnny Damon stepped up to lead Ian Ziering, Leeza Gibbons and Brandi Glanville, while Kenya Moore was project manager for Geraldo Rivera and new nemesis Vivica Fox.

Before getting to work, Moore wanted to clear the air in the wake of her boardroom battle with Fox, as seen on last week’s episode. The women agreed to “wipe the slate clean” and “reset,” even though Fox admitted to the camera that she wasn’t buying it. With Rivera, they opted to go for a risqué concept, playing on the idea of buns… the food and booty varieties. Fox resented being relegated to Moore’s “assistant” as they photographed everyday people from the behind on the streets of Manhattan.

Looking at the photos, Fox worried that they were too risqué, and became on edge when her cell phone seemingly disappeared. Fox temporarily put her phone issue aside for the group presentation, where the advisors and King’s Hawaii executives were pretty straight-faced, leading to fear they were turned off by the focus on people’s actual buns. But Moore gleefully told the camera afterward that should they lose, she had “tricks up [her] sleeve” to ensure she wouldn’t be fired.

Damon selected Glanville’s slogan idea, “We Rise to the Occasion,” and decided to focus on the New York City skyline, capturing photos via a helicopter ride. With their pictures set, the foursome had to come up with their hashtags, even as Gibbons worried they didn’t incorporate enough product integration. Damon found himself more worried about making the presentation, confessing that he has a stuttering problem, and let his teammates do most of the talking. After seeing the executives smiling, they left the meeting confidently.

In the boardroom, they remained sure that they won, with all of the team members praising each other. Of course, on the other side, Fox and Moore didn’t exactly have the kindest things to say, both being fake nice and then throwing in subtle digs. It was ultimately revealed that the execs loved Damon’s photobombs and their helicopter shots, but didn’t think the hashtags “resonated with the brand.” For Moore’s efforts, the execs thought the ideas could go viral, but felt it wasn’t family-friendly, and particularly objected to the “Baby Loves Buns” slogan used in one of the pictures, noting how it weirdly suggested the baby had a sexual attraction. In the end, Damon was declared the victor, with reward money going to the Johnny Damon Foundation, and his team celebrated their fifth win in a row.

That left Moore and Fox to continue fighting each other, and Rivera very clearly favored Moore. The drama reached a new level, though, when Moore blamed their issues on Fox supposedly going through menopause. “That’s a dirty a** b*tch right there!” Fox exclaimed in response, angrily adding, “That’s a toxic trick!” Donald Trump even asked Moore, “Why are you so nasty to everyone?” Moore attempted to defend herself, alleging Fox herself tweeted out her personal issues, something the actress vehemently denied. Trump asked Moore to prove it, or be fired, and son Don pulled up Fox’s feed showing the tweet in question: “This menopause is killing me. I can’t think straight. I might be a damn full half the time. 50 just isn’t sexy.”

Fox, however, quickly put two and two together: Her phone went missing the day before because Moore stole it, and then sent the tweet. “That’s this low-down dirty bird right there!” Fox told Trump, with Rivera even backing her up that her cell did indeed go mysteriously missing. A huge screaming match ensued, and though Moore swore she never took the phone or sent the tweet, Trump and Don were disbelieving, and Rivera was shocked that Moore stooped so low. Trump even asked Moore point-blank if she had the phone and did the misdeed, and the reality star laughed. Moore tried to refocus the conversation back on the task…which she lost, because of her own ideas. Trump then told her, “Kenya, you’re fired!”

For the second challenge, Joan Rivers returned again as a guest advisor. The remaining contestants were asked to create a jingle for Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light Rita drinks, and Trump sent Gibbons to join Fox and Rivera’s team. She was quickly elected project manager, while Glanville volunteered for Damon and Ziering.

Gibbons wanted to turn her new team into champions after five losses in a row, and was skeptical of Rivera’s ideas, given his lack of previous success. She came around to only one of his suggested lines, “nice over ice,” and once hooked up with their professional band, she and Fox started having fun as Rivera felt sidelined. The women were quite happy with their finished song, and Rivera finally decided to sit back and follow Gibbons’ lead. At the performance presentation, the trio danced and lip synched as the professionals performed the jingle, “Nice Over Ice.” The beverage company’s executive was bopping along, all smiles, and even exclaimed, “Nice job!”

Glanville’s team similarly struggled with lyrics, and she wanted Damon, a professed music lover who has apparently written his own songs, to take the lead on the music, but felt Ziering was trying to take over. She decided it would be best to keep him busy, and secretly work on a backup plan. As they worked with the band, Damon’s ideas were liked a lot more, much to Ziering’s chagrin, prompting Glanville to tell the camera he was “pouting like a little b*tch.” It boiled over when he accused her of contributing nothing, and she hit back at him for being condescending with his “lead, follow, or get out of the way” mantra.

He completely disagreed with the final song Glanville selected, but had no choice but to go forward with the presentation. They sang along with the professionals, though seemed more awkward and uncomfortable on stage than their competitors. Still, the exec again seemed happy and pleased, and said she enjoyed it “very much.” In the boardroom afterward, Glanville admitted she and Ziering “butted heads,” but Trump was dismayed when she and Damon had trouble singing their jingle on the spot. That only further fueled Ziering’s belief that they had made the wrong choice and lost, leading Trump to question whether he was being “disloyal.”

Glanville was told that the executives believed they successfully hit on the Rita flavors and brand image, but thought the jingle wasn’t catchy, had too many words without a clear slogan, and didn’t appeal to both genders. In contrast, a confident Gibbons declared, “We won this one,” and she and her team mates happily discussed how well they worked together. She was told the execs loved their slogan and tag line, as well as the catchiness of the jingle. As for the negatives? There actually weren’t any, and they were declared the winners, giving Gibbons $100,000 for Leeza’s Care Connection, which helps families dealing with Alzheimer’s.

That set Glanville and Ziering up to continue fighting, and the “Real Housewives” star said the firing should come down to them, and not Damon. Convinced he had had a winning idea, the actor sang his jingle for Trump, and he wasn’t impressed at all, and even called him out for taking the tune of “La Cucaracha.” The big boss became increasingly angry as Ziering tried to defend himself, saying the song was supposed to be a jumping off point and modified. But, after slamming him for being critical of his team mates and failing to produce something better, Trump declared, “Ian, you’re fired!”

Glanville thought that was it and started to leave, but Trump told her, “Sit down!” The mogul told the reality star and Damon that he still intended to fire someone else. Glanville admitted the loss “falls on [her] shoulders” as project manager, and she refused to say anything negative about Damon, even though he wrote the jingle they used. As she became emotional, Trump criticized her for not “giving the right answer,” but Rivers said she understood they didn’t want to put the blame on each other. The comedienne, who passed away in September, said the project manager should be fired, but Trump kept pointing out that Damon was responsible for the losing song. “But you wrote the jingle?” Trump reiterated. “Johnny, you’re fired!” He then turned to Glanville and said, “But Brandi, you’re project manager. You’re fired!”

Wow! Now just Gibbons, Rivera and Fox remain in the competition. Who are you rooting for to win it all?!


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