Celebrities Support World AIDS Day

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Celebrities World AIDS Day

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Celebrities World AIDS Day

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Celebrities are offering their support on World AIDS Day. Held annually on December 1, the event is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite against AIDS and commemorate those who have died from the disease. With continued support from people around the globe, World AIDS Day reminds the public that HIV is still a worldwide epidemic and highlights the need to raise money and fight prejudice. See tweets from stars below.

President Barack Obama wrote, “Here & around the world, over 18 million people are receiving the treatment and care they need.” Elton John tweeted, “Today is #WorldAIDSDay. Together we have the power to end AIDS. Our world needs love and compassion more than ever. Get tested. Fight stigma.” Victoria Beckham offered, “Today is World AIDS Day and there’s still time to help support this amazing cause! My limited edition T-shirt now in store and online! x VB.” Rihanna expressed, “Teamed up with Prince Harry & got tested to raise awareness for #WorldAIDSDay. It’s so easy to get tested & know your status! And Bill Clinton said, “On #WorldAIDSDay let’s reaffirm our commitment to ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic & discrimination hindering treatment.”

Dustin Lance Black expressed, “Thinking on all of the mentors and friends I’ve lost to AIDS on this #WorldAIDSDay all that’s left to be done to fight AIDS worldwide.” Meanwhile, Russell Simmons wrote, “To all those who have been impacted by HIV and AIDS here in the United States and around the world, you are loved. #WorldAIDSDay.” Ellen DeGeneres tweeted, “It’s #WorldAIDSDay, and it couldn’t be easier for you to make a difference.” And Trevor Noah offered, “Make a difference in the lives of children living w/HIV by donating to @keepachildalive.” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more celebrities show their support on World AIDS Day.


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