Celebrities At Women’s March – Photos, Tweets, Videos

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Womens March Photos

By Shari Weiss |

Womens March Photos

(Jessica Chastain/Instagram)

Celebrities are at the Women’s March On Washington on Saturday. Check out the photos, videos, and tweets below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the Women’s March is taking place to protest Donald Trump, one day after he was sworn in as president. The non-violent, peaceful event consists of a rally and march through the streets of Washington, D.C. to advocate for women’s rights and equality. America Ferrera and Ashley Judd were among the formal speakers, and many stars have taken to social media to document their own participation.

Jessica Chastain shared the photo seen above right on Instagram, and Zendaya posted video footage of a crowd of protesters. She tweeted, “Couldn’t be more proud… I am here, we are here!!!” Others offering photos include Debra Messing, Amber Tamblyn, and Chelsea Handler, who is leading the March On Main sister event at Sundance.

Hillary Clinton is not at the March On Washington, but still tweeted, “Thanks for standing, speaking & marching for our values @womensmarch. Important as ever. I truly believe we’re always Stronger Together.”

And a number of male celebrities are also voicing support. Joel Madden, for instance, posted, “Proud of all the women in my life who are marching today.” Andy Cohen said, “March strong today and be safe!!” Seth MacFarlane wrote, “Sending support to all my friends who are participating in the Womens’ March on Washington today. Don’t let him see you pee.”

Tom Arnold expressed, “Proud 2B American. Thousands of citizens protesting POTUS’s dark view & old policies peacefully but forcefully. Going backward? Not my America.” On Instagram, Paul Wesley told followers, “I stand in solidarity with the women’s march in all the cities across the world today.” John Stamos said, I’m in awe of anyone who speaks up, makes sacrifices and takes risks for what they believe in. #WomensMarch.”

“Democracy at work. Wow,” remarked Billy Eichner. Ricky Gervais expressed, “Why do some people use the word feminist as an insult? A feminist is simply someone who believes that women should have equal rights to men.” Re-posting footage from Chicago’s event, Josh Gad declared, “Now that’s a March. Wow.” Nick Jonas offered, “Women.. you are powerful and inspiring. #EqualityForAll #WomensMarch.”

Though not there himself, Patton Oswalt tweeted a video of one of the sister marches, observing, “The #WomensMarch crowd in Denver. Holy sh*t.” Josh Groban said, “So proud of and inspired by everyone participating in the #womensmarch today. 2 show day or I would join but there in spirit.” Darren Criss noted, “Los Angeles is feeling bright and alive this brisk morning. It’s infectious. Hopeful. #WomensMarch.”

“Thank you dear women of our lives! Thank you for your wisdom, courage, and strength! #100daysofresistance #WomensMarch,” tweeted Mark Ruffalo. Alec Baldwin wondered, “The protesters seem to outnumber his inaugural crowd by… what? 20 to 1? 50 to 1?” Matt Bomer posted, “To everyone marching today in DC and and around the country- thank you for making your voices heard.” Ewan McGregor said, “I’m with you in spirit today women of the world. My daughters are marching. I’m so proud to see this extraordinary power.” And on Instagram, George Lopez announced, “I support the women’s march 100 percent.”

Referencing wife Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon tweeted from Park City, “On this day so proud of my wife, daughter, sisters, friends and all the fantastic beautiful woman in my life #WomensMarch.” Meanwhile, Bryce Dallas Howard commented, “As I celebrate my daughter’s 5th bday, I’m thankful to people marching to protect & progress our right to dignity, equality & respect.”

“Have an amazing day Goddesses and those who support us,” posted Elizabeth Banks. Among many tweets, Lena Dunham said, “Feeling gratitude for my girls right now, who got me through 2016 and are here to march. @harinef @AmericaFerrera @amyschumer @ambertamblyn, My mother Laurie Simmons, my sister @rachelantonoff, my hero Amy Poehler, my wife @JenniKonner.”

Susan Sarandon posted on Twitter, “So proud of my sisters all over US & world who stand together 4 our rights & to protect the vulnerable. Thx men who stand with.” Ben Stiller retweeted the message, adding, “What an inspiring thing to see today.” Ellen Pompeo simply said, “This is so moving.”

Unable to attend, Minka Kinka said on Instagram, “Sending all my love to all you beautiful courageous strong powerful and unified women (and men!) marching today!” Bella Thorne was in D.C., and revealed, “I guess around 750,000 people showed up! So we can’t March which sucks but it’s kinda cool so many ppl R here showing support #WomensMarch.”

“Everyone in the World is witnessing the power of Women today. It is inspiring and brings me hope. We stand united. #WomensMarchOnWashington,” wrote Cobie Smulders. Naya Rivera said, “Always proud to be a woman but especially today. My heart is with everyone who is participating in the #WomensMarch and I stand with you.” And Taylor Swift tweeted, “So much love, pride, and respect for those who marched. I’m proud to be a woman today, and every day.”

Check out the photos and videos below. Click to watch Madonna’s Women’s March speech, as well as remarks from Alicia Keys and Janelle Monae.


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