Celebrities Vote On California Primary Day: See Which Presidential Candidates Stars Support!

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Celebrities Vote Primary Day

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrities Vote Primary Day

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It’s Primary Day in six states across the country, including California, and many celebrities are heading out to the polls to vote for the presidential candidate of their choice. See below who the stars are supporting in the 2016 election!

Elizabeth Banks posted an Instagram photo of herself and Hillary Clinton, along with the caption, “CALIFORNIA today’s the day! #VOTE.” She further invited fans to send “‘I voted’ pics and tag me.” Eva Longoria wrote, “A vote for @HillaryClinton is a vote for women’s rights and great pantsuits everywhere. Get out and VOTE!” Chris Colfer posted a photo of himself wearing a Clinton campaign T-shirt, writing, “VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! #CaliforniaPrimary #ImWithHer.”

Meanwhile, Mindy Kaling simply said “Vote,” and added an American flag emoji. Chelsea Handler expressed, “Whoever you vote for. Do it. Exercise your right to vote.” Ricky Martin stated, “Hillary Clinton believes in the beauty and strength of this country. Do you? Get out and VOTE.” Josh Gad offered, “#CA Today is the day!!! Make it happen! #GetOutAndVote.”

Zoe Kravitz also urged Californians to head to the polls, writing, “Today is your day. Go vote in the Cali primary! #useyourvoice #feelthebern!” Fellow Bernie Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman tweeted, “As a woman who loves what Bernie stands 4 (I’ll vote 4 him) but also likes Hillary, this piece really moved me,” and posted a link to an article about the importance of electing a female president.

Additionally, a few New York celebrities who already cast their votes urged those in other states to follow suit. Sanders fan Mark Ruffalo tweeted, “Primaries and Caucuses. Use your vote today 2 let em know the status quo has got 2 go. Yo, Dems get back to your FDR values! #FeelTheBern.” And Debra Messing said, “@HillaryClinton on the BRINK of making HISTORY!! Make sure you VOTE,” while Susan Sarandon wrote, “CA, NJ, NM, MT, ND & SD. Make sure your voices are heard… Vote!”

Jon Cryer joked, “Hey Cali!… Get out there and vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! (Actually just do it once).” Angela Bassett said, “Hey Everybody, you good? Today is the day, California! Get out there and VOTE! Make your voices HEARD! #ImWithHer.” Lady Gaga wrote, “#HILLARY2016 VOTE for the 1st female US president in history. This country could use a little rock n’ roll.”

Maria Shriver, the former First Lady of the state of California, tweeted, “Today is the day California! #VOTE! It’s a gift. #CAPrimary.” Andy Richter expressed, “The CA primary is today, & I’m taking my daughter to the polls w me when I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. I am excited & proud to do so.” Meanwhile, Henry Winkler declared, “CALIFORNIA: VOTE TODAY,” and Tommy Chong similarly urged, “Go vote today.”

Conan O’Brien posted a photo of himself next to a poll clerk, and joked, “This woman patiently explained that I cannot #vote for #Trump in a Democratic Primary.” Gossip Cop will update as more stars celebrate Primary Day. We’re still looking to see if anyone famous actually endorses Donald Trump for today’s primaries.


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