Stars Share Thanksgiving Wishes – See Celebrity Messages!

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Celebrities Thanksgiving Wishes

By Michael Lewittes |

Celebrities Thanksgiving Wishes

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It’s Thanksgiving, and celebrities are taking to Twitter and Instagram to share their holiday thoughts, wishes, and personal anecdotes. For the most part, stars are expressing gratitude, while a few are also making jokes about Turkey Day.

Along with a photo of Liam Payne cooking, One Direction tweeted, “Happy Thanksgiving to all our US fans!” Harry Styles himself wrote, “Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today. All the love.”

Bella Thorne wrote, ‏”Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for your continued love and support. I love you guys.” Meanwhile, Demi Lovato used the opportunity to note, “For anyone in recovery who gets anxiety about Thanksgiving, just remember.. It’s about giving thanks not just the food #staystrong.”

Blake Shelton tweeted, “Happy thanksgiving everybody!!!! And to any haters out there, have yourselves a nice warm slice of I don’t give a [expletive].” “To all celebrating Thanksgiving, have an awesome day,” added Hugh Jackman. Abigail Breslin simply offered, “Happy thanksgiving!” And Lance Armstrong wished, “Happy Thanksgiving to you all.”

Portia de Rossi said, “#happythanksgiving everyone! And for those of you who were asking, I’m cooking Gardein Chick’n scallopini, scalloped potatoes and brocollini.” Andy Cohen exclaimed, “Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be grateful for! Have a great day!”

Sarah Silverman joked, “We celebrate the pilgrims breaking bread w the natives of this land, who graciously shared all they had. What ever happened 2 them?” Bob Saget tweeted, “I want to give thanks to all the family and friends I have in my life- but mainly to the person who invented stuffing. #HappyThanksgiving.” And Robin Roberts expressed, “Everybody’s got something…and today (and every day) that something is to cherish & celebrate our many blessings. #HappyThanksgiving.” And Jimmy Fallon wished, “Happy Thanksgiving!” before plugging his guests tonight, Queen Latifah and Rashida Jones.

Jenny McCarthy offered, “Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Grateful for your friendship and support over the years. You are THE BEST!” Taraji P. Henson wished her fans, “Happy Turkey day!””I’m so thankful for all of you :-) Happy, happy Thanksgiving!” tweeted Lauren Conrad.

Melissa Joan Hart shared in a message on Twitter and Instagram, “Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends around the world! I pray for a day of world peace, for a little cheer in everyone’s day and full bellies for everyone. I pray for those who can’t be with their families today, that you may find someone to spend your time with today. To those that are hungry and cold that you may find comfort today! I am most thankful for my enormous healthy family full of loving individuals that are all over the world on this day but always close to my Hart.”

Caitlyn Jenner wrote, “Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for and to share with family and friends,” while daughter Kendall tweeted, “Happy thanksgiving! so so so thankful.” Mark Wahlberg expressed, “Happy Thanksgiving to my family, friends and fans! Give thanks for what is good in your lives.”

And finally, President Obama tweeted, “Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today, we give thanks for all of our loved ones and the brave men and women in uniform who serve our country.” Meanwhile, Gossip Cop thanks all of you, our loyal readers, for your support throughout the entire year. We are beyond grateful.


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