Celebrities Mark Teacher Appreciation Day

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stars teacher appreciation day

By Jesse Spero |

stars teacher appreciation day

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It’s “Teacher Appreciation Day,” and some notable stars are celebrating the teachers who inspired them to succeed. See celebrity tweets below!

Ben Affleck honored educators in general on Tuesday, tweeting, “Thank you for making a difference every single day. #TeacherAppreciationWeek.” “Teacher Appreciation Day” is part of “Teacher Appreciation Week,” which celebrates one of the most noble professions. Alongside video of a commercial for Diet Coke, in which Paula Abdul dances with Gene Kelly, the former “American Idol” judge wrote, “Me dancing w/my idol, my mentor, my dear friend and one of my best teachers: GENE KELLY! #TeacherAppreciationDay.”

Goldie Hawn expressed, “Teachers are my heroes! They shape the minds and selves of the next generation and deserve our heartfelt thanks. #TeacherAppreciation.” Meanwhile, Ryan Seacrest tweeted, “Shout out to the amazing teachers who helped me figure out what my passion was. #TeacherAppreciationDay.”

Dr. Phil asked his followers, “Which teacher made the biggest difference in your life?” And President Obama thanked one of his elementary school teachers and shared an adorable throwback photo of himself and his classmates. “To my 5th grade teacher Ms. Mabel Hefty and the educators who inspire our young people every single day: Thank you,” offered the President.


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