Celebrities Support Tax March Protests Against Donald Trump

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Tax March Tweets

By Shari Weiss |

Tax March Tweets

(Twitter/Tax March)

Celebrities are supporting Saturday’s “Tax March” protests against Donald Trump. See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

In the wake of the Women’s March in late January, organizers and community leaders decided to hold another event urging Trump to release his tax returns. April 15 is typically Tax Day in the U.S., although the 2017 deadline for filing returns is actually the 18th. But with April 15 conveniently falling on a Saturday this year, it was decided the protests across the county would be held on this day.

Many are currently underway in Washington, D.C. and other cities, with attendees calling for Trump to be transparent about his tax filings. The president has repeatedly refused to release the financial documents, blaming an ongoing audit, but that excuse has not held up to scrutiny. In March, Rachel Maddow was able to obtain one part Trump’s 2005 return, which only seemed to raise more questions.

And Hollywood stars are among those who’ve had enough of waiting. Debra Messing tweeted a photo of herself and her son crafting rally posters, writing, “Making signs for the #TaxMarch #Today!!! #ReleaseYourTaxes #WhatAreYouHiding #CORRUPTION #Trumprussia.” Denis O’Hare similarly shared pics of his own posters, telling followers, “Getting ready for the #TaxMarch #ReleaseTheReturns.” Like with Messing, O’Hare’s son made his own signs, two of which said “Liar” and “Stop Being Mean Donald Trump.”

“LOS ANGELES. Come down to Pershing Square/City Hall and show this admin we want those tax returns released,” encouraged Justine Bateman. Beau Willimon announced, “New York – I’ll see you all at the #TaxMarch in less than 2 hours! Get yourselves to Bryant Park and make your voices heard. #Resist.” Patton Oswalt also advised on Friday, “Anywhere you are tomorrow, there’s a Tax March. Here’s the list if you’re looking for one to join.” That night, Sarah Silverman showed a photo of her poster prep, asking followers, “Am I the only one Tax Marchin manana???” At the march on Saturday, she met up with Messing, and both spoke to the media about their involvement in New York.

In Florida, Matt McGorry posted video mid-march. “In Sarasota, FL w 100s demanding Trump release returns. #TaxMarch,” he wrote with the footage (see below). Andy Richter tweeted a sign calling Trump “orange poopy pants,” revealing, “My daughter couldn’t make it today but she made a sign for us to carry #TaxMarch #taxmarchla.” Ava DuVernay also posted pictures of memorable posters, as did Jon Cryer, who showed Darth Vader compared to Trump, the “Taxi Vader.” (Get it?)

Ike Barinholtz expressed, “Thank you to all the folks at the #TaxMarch. You ALL love America more than that stupid idiot sitting in his sh*tty golf club right now.” And Chris Evans, re-posting video from Willimon, commented, “Looks like it’s more than just reporters who wanna see your taxes, @realDonaldTrump. Bad news pal, we’re not going away.” Also showing their support through retweets and likes are Rosie O’Donnell, Gabrielle Union, Alyssa Milano, Mark Ruffalo, Kerry Washington, Judd Apatow, Russell Simmons, Don Cheadle, Mandy Moore, Tom Bergeron, and George Takei.

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