Celebrities Stand In Solidarity With Planned Parenthood

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Celebrities Planned Parenthood Solidarity

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities Planned Parenthood Solidarity

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Celebrities are pledging support for Planned Parenthood during Saturday’s “National Day of Solidarity.”

The movement was tragically inspired by last month’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. As Gossip Cop reported, a gunman named Robert Lewis Dear killed three people, including a police officer, an Iraq war veteran, and a woman who was at the facility to aid a friend. While many expressed outrage in the aftermath of the tragedy, Planned Parenthood is now formally asking people to pledge their support.

The online pact, which launched Saturday morning, reads:

“The day after Thanksgiving, the Planned Parenthood community experienced a terrible tragedy. Since that day, the Planned Parenthood community has been mourning and healing. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims and their families — as well as with the victims of the horrific shooting in San Bernardino, CA. No one should have to face violence, threats or intimidation to access basic health care.

Join Planned Parenthood for a National day of #solidarity to show support for access to safe reproductive health care — including abortion — free from violence, threats and intimidation.

It’s not just Planned Parenthood and abortion providers — we’ve seen this violence and hateful rhetoric against the Black community, immigrants, refugees, and against the LGBQ and transgender community and it’s time to stand together as a community to say — enough.”

Supporters are encouraged to tweet the message, “I stand in #Solidarity against extremism & violence. We deserve safety & access to health care.” There is also an image that is being shared that says, “We deplore your violence. We reject your thoughts. We aren’t going anywhere.”

And a number of stars are among the thousands of people sharing the messages on Twitter. While some, like Aisha Tyler, went with the pre-written tweet, others crafted their own posts. Lena Dunham, for instance, wrote, “What happened in Colorado & California cannot happen again. We must stand in #Solidarity against violence & hate.”

Eve Hewson requested, “Please RT today if you stand with Planned Parenthood in their fight against sexism, violence and extremism. #standwithPP #solidarity @PPact.” Amy Schumer wrote, “I stand in #solidarity against violence, extremism & hateful rhetoric. We all deserve access to health care w/o fear.” Her tweet was reposted by Judd Apatow, and Mark Ruffalo retweeted the Human Rights Campaign’s show of support.

Meanwhile, President Obama released a lengthy statement to show his solidarity. The official Twitter account for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Hillary has always stood with Planned Parenthood—and always will. #StandWithPP #solidarity.” And rival contender Bernie Sanders posted, “In these difficult times, against vitriolic Republican rhetoric, we must protect a woman’s right to choose. #solidarity #nhpolitics.”

Others who shared messages include Allison Janney, Elizabeth Reaser, and Elizabeth Perkins. One person who has yet to join in is Chrissy Teigen, who, as Gossip Cop reported, faced a backlash on Twitter after expressing her Planned Parenthood support in the wake of the shooting. Tell us what YOU think in the comments below.


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