Celebrities Support Spirit Day – See Stars’ Tweets

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celebrities spirit day twitter tweets

By Holly Nicol |

celebrities spirit day twitter tweets

(Spirit Day)

Celebrities are showing their support for Spirit Day, during which millions of people around the country are encouraged to take a stand against bullying and show their support for the LGBTQ youth. Observed annually since 2010, individuals, schools and corporations alike are encouraged to wear purple for the day, which symbolizes ‘spirit’ on the rainbow flag.

Hillary Clinton expressed, “This #SpiritDay, let’s take a stand for LGBT youth and send a clear message to all our kids: In the end, bullies always lose. -H.” Ellen DeGeneres wrote, “Happy #SpiritDay! Show the world you love them just the way they are.” William Shatner tweeted, “Take a stand against bullying and support #LGBTQ youth by going purple #SpiritDay on Oct. 20.” “Today is #SpiritDay. I’m joining @glaad and going purple today to stand up against bullying. Join me… #TransIsBeautiful,” added Laverne Cox.

Britney Spears offered, “Kicking off #SpiritDay with my fans tonight! Everyone go purple… stand with #LGBT youth.” Paula Abdul noted, “Happy #SpiritDay! Who’s taking the pledge?” John Stamos wrote, “It’s #SpiritDay! Take a stand against bullying and show your support for #LGBTQ youth.” “Green Party” candidate Jill Stein tweeted, “I stand against LGBTQ + bullying. Most LGBTQ youth have experienced harassment or assault. This has no place in our school system. #SpiritDay.”

Stephen Fry expressed, “The cast of @GreatIndoorsCBS wearing purple for #SpiritDay.” Kerry Washington tweeted a throwback picture of the cast of “Scandal” all wearing purple, “#TBT @ScandalABC #SpiritDay #LoveIsLove.” Julie Chen wrote, “Proud to stand with @glaad for #SpiritDay.” “Wearing purple on set! Let’s all take a stand against bullying. Happy #SpiritDay,” added Danny Trejo. Ted Danson noted, “Join us in going purple for #SpiritDay to support LGBTQ youth.” And Cher offered, “Go purple NOW and take a stand against bullying for #SpiritDay. Stand up for the LGBTQ youth.” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more celebrities show their support for Spirit Day.


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