Celebrities Slam United Airlines For Dragging Passenger Off Flight

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Celebrities React United Airlines Passenger

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React United Airlines Passenger

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Celebrities are slamming United Airlines for forcibly dragging a passenger off a flight because the plane was overbooked. See the outraged reactions from Hollywood stars below.

Video emerged early Monday of law enforcement officers, called by the airline, physically removing a male passenger from a plane. Flight attendants said the flight was overbooked, and asked for volunteers to take another flight. When no one stepped up, the airline employees decided to choose who would get booted. They picked an Asian male, who explained that he could not change his flight because he was a doctor and expected to be at the hospital by a certain time. The situation escalated to the point where, as seen in the footage, the medical professional was dragged away, with blood running from his lip after his face was slammed into an arm rest.

United has said it is looking into what went down, but has not specifically addressed the apparent assault aside from calling it an “upsetting event.” The video has gone viral on social media, where “United” is now the top trending topic. And a number of celebs are among those expressing shock and disgust over the incident.

“Having flown #united last week, I feel very blessed to not be tweeting this message from a hospital bed,” tweeted Josh Gad. Judd Apatow wrote, “[They] have been awful lately. What is going on with them?” Billy Eichner posted, “Jet Blue’s new slogan – extra leg room and we won’t physically drag you down the aisle screaming in pain.”

Joss Whedon commented, “Getting on a United flight this morning. Excited to, I don’t know… stay on?” He went on to joke, “‘For the comfort and safety of the other passengers, please remember we will be resorting to cannibalism BY GROUP NUMBER’ #united.” George Wallace quipped, “Thought I was at a UFC fight last night but I was just flyin’ United.” And Piers Morgan cracked, “If I was booked on a @united flight, I’d drag myself off.” Chrissy Teigen even said, “Cannot wait to use ‘i will re-accommodate your ass’ in my next fight.”

Of course, this is no laughing matter. Kumail Nanjiani pointed out, “So @united sucks. But the Chicago police who dragged the man off the flight are also monsters. Police using unnecessary force, again.” Paul Wesley declared, “This is insane @united.” Kat Dennings wrote, “Wow @united. New low,” while Gabrielle Union simply said, “Damn…”

Katie Couric asked in disbelief, “Seriously?” Karrueche Tran exclaimed, “I will NEVER fly @united after watching video of that man get pulled and dragged off that flight. Shame on you @united!!!!!!!” And Zendaya tweeted, “I am appalled and absolutely disgusted….this is unacceptable.”

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