Celebrities Review ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ – See Reactions Here!

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Celebrities Review Star Wars Force Awakens

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrities Review Star Wars Force Awakens


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just been released in theaters, and many celebrities have already flocked out to see the movie. Check out the stars’ Twitter reviews and reactions below!

Conan O’Brien joked, “It’s true the new Star Wars makes you feel like a 10-year-old kid again. I had to rush out of a screening to go home and wet the bed.” Fellow late night talk show host James Corden quipped, “I’m going to see Star Wars now. I don’t need to book tickets right?”

Rebel Wilson expressed, “I know they don’t need the publicity but saw Star Wars last night and super enjoyed it. Loved they had a girl kicking ass!” And Cara Delevingne, a fan of the film’s lead actress, wrote, “Daisy Ridley is a great actress! She is the ultimate kick ass heroine and also absolutely stunning in Star Wars.”

Iggy Azalea revealed, “My mother went to see Star Wars in full on cosplay.” Also in costume was Ronda Rousey, who posted a photo of herself and two friends wearing disguises in a theater, along with the caption, “About last night…. Star Wars was awesome …. I’m the stormtrooper.”

An excited Austin Mahone simply tweeted, “Star Wars!!!!!” along with emojis of rocket ships. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw both posted the same photo of themselves dressed as Star Wars characters, and noted, “Good morning… This is how we woke up our kids!!”

Meanwhile, a fan asked Freddie Prinze Jr. if he was a bigger fan of Star Wars or baseball, and the actor responded, “I had a lightsaber before a bat.” “Billy on the Street” host Billy Eichner joked, “Some people saying Star Wars isn’t a true story, didn’t really happen. I don’t know. I say see the movie and decide for yourself.”

Tom Bergeron tweeted, “Loved #TheForceAwakens. For anyone who, like me, hated the prequels, the 1st line of dialogue is hilarious (and I’m sure quite intentional).” And Mindy Kaling expressed, “Harrison Ford: still mega bangable on all planets.”

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