Celebrities React: Vice Presidential Debate With Tim Kaine, Mike Pence

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Celebrities React Vice Presidential Debate

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Vice Presidential Debate


Celebrities are reacting to the first and only 2016 vice presidential debate with Governor Mike Pence and Senator Tim Kaine. Check out stars’ reaction tweets below!

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, Donald Trump’s running mate Pence is facing off against Hillary Clinton’s running mate Kaine. The two men are going head to head for the first time on Tuesday night at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, with moderator Elaine Quijano of CBS News. And Gossip Cop is keeping track of celebrities’ tweets about the debate as many share their reactions in real time.

Before the debate got underway, Democratic presidential nominee Clinton tweeted about her VP pick, “.@TimKaine’s spent his whole life fighting for working families, so I have no doubt he’ll do the same tonight. Go get ’em, Tim. -H.” For his part, Trump posted on Twitter, “I will be watching the great Governor @Mike_Pence and live tweeting the VP debate tonight starting at 8:30pm est! Enjoy!”

Ed Helms also had thoughts before either candidate took the stage, remarking, “If I were casting this debate as a movie, Mike Pence would be Clint Eastwood & Tim Kaine would be @JimGaffigan.” He went on to post, “I wish I could watch the debate between Donald Trump and his staff about his upcoming live tweets during the #VPDebate #Debates2016.” Jim Gaffigan himself said, “‘Booooorrrrrring!’ I’ve decided to start complaining about the VP debate early.”

“I bet I know 2 vice presidential candidates that have had nervous diarrhea all day,” Sarah Silverman cracked. In response to the GOP prematurely naming Pence the debate’s winner more than an hour before the event actually began, Josh Gad commented, “Holy sh*t. This election never ceases to amaze, terrify and bewilder me.” On the same topic, Mark Ruffalo tweeted, “LOL! Amazing!” George Takei also said, “The GOP is spinning so fast, they made TIME run BACKWARDS! Apparently, Mike Pence ALREADY WON!! #oops.”

With less than an hour before the start time, Jeff Ross quipped, “Tonight’s vice presidential debate should be sponsored by Ambien.” And Rainn Wilson snarked, “I can’t wait for this Vice Presidential election debate! #ThingsNoOneEverSays.” But Alyssa Milano asked her followers, “Watching the #VPdebate! You?”

When the debate finally got underway, Helms posted, “Moderator just asked audience not to cheer. Strikes me as unnecessary.” Leslie Jones noted, “I’m gonna try to live tweet the VP debate but right now they look like two NCAA coaches. So I don’t know what the f*ck going on!” It only took minutes for the sit-down discussion to get tense, prompting Kevin Jonas to exclaim, “This is crazy.” Debra Messing seemed surprised, saying, “Whoa! It’s a discussion!”

Patton Oswalt observed, “I think Mike Pence’s motto is, ‘Kill ’em with brittleness.'” Sophia Bush actually said, “Hot damn, whoever did Mike Pence’s make up nailed it. His foundation looks great. Armani? Chanel? Please share details! #BackToPoliticsNow.” Jedediah Bila of “The View” also praised, “Pence sounds like a dad. I like that. Has an honest, trustworthy appeal.”

“So far the vice presidential debate feels like an exhibit at Disneyland where are the real men?” asked Albert Brooks. Making a joke about BET’s alternative programming, Zach Braff shared a split photo of the contenders and cracked, “So far these #HipHopAwards are boring.” Samantha Ronson even posted, “I just fell asleep.” She later said, “Too infuriating. Can’t watch.”

Emmy Rossum complained, “Mike Pence is so ‘sincere’ I want to throw up.” She later said, “Pence and Trump deserve each other, they are both LIARS. And the American people deserve better.” Gad hoped, “#mikepence must play the commander turned bad guy in the next GI Joe film.” Silverman, a former Bernie Sanders supporter now backing Clinton, admitted, “I’m trying I really am, but kinda wishing this was @alfranken or @CoryBooker or @JoeBiden debating Slick Pence.”

As the two men continued to talk over one another, frustrating the moderator, Jesse Tyler Ferguson joked, “‘I will turn this car around RIGHT now if you two don’t stop talking over each other. NO ICE CREAM!’ -Elaine Quijano.” Patrick Shriver complained, “Can’t even watch this debate…Talking over each other the whole time.” Rob Lowe seemed to criticize, “This moderator ‘acts’ her questions, instead of just asking them. Weird.” But Arsenio Hall declared, “The winner in the #VPDebate … is Elaine!”

About 30 minutes in, Oswalt seemed to grow more appreciative, saying, “I like this part of the debate. On policing. They’re both struggling to find some common ground. More of this, please?” Dan Rather observed, “This debate is crackling like a hickory fire. So far @timkaine has been the slugger, @GovPenceIN has been the counter-puncher.” Sarah Hyland confessed, “I scream at the tv during debates the way my mom does when she watches college football. THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU SARAH!!!!”

Omarosa, a Trump surrogate, shared a photo showing Kaine’s face compared to Jack Nicholson in The Shining, writing, “Kaine has that kraykray look in his eyes.” But John Legend said, “Kaine is very good at this.” Meanwhile, George Lopez expressed, “This #VP debate is like showing up way early to. Championship fight and seeing guys fight before it’s even dark #gacho.” Kal Penn noted he was “watching the real #VPDebate from the fake #DesignatedSurvivor Outer Oval set.”

“Pence is playing to America, Kaine to Elaine,” Norm Macdonald thought. Chrissy Teigen acknowledged, “Man. Imagine having to defend Donald’s EXACT statements. Not an easy task.” And Patricia Heaton argued, “Pence did a great job talking about abortion.”

After the 90-minute debate finally ended, Helms tweeted, “Congrats veeps on a solid debate that was still not as enjoyable as my guacamole.” Ferguson wondered, “What if Tim & Mike just gave each other a real tender kiss on the lips instead of shaking hands after the debate? Missed opportunity.” Brooks cracked, “This just in: Trump says he beat Kaine in tonight’s debate.” More seriously, though, the actor added, “Mike Pence is a better debater. Unfortunately everything he’s debating is scaring the sh*t out of me.”

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