Celebrities React: U.S. Missile Strikes In Syria

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Celebrities React Syria Strikes

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Syria Strikes


Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump authorizing U.S. missile strikes in Syria. See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

As Gossip Cop reported, there was a deadly chemical gas attack in Syria earlier this week, seemingly ordered by Assad’s regime. The president was initially criticized for what was perceived as a soft response (with “The View” slamming Trump), but now he’s gone in the extreme opposite direction. At his order, dozens of cruise missiles were fired at a Syrian airbase on Thursday night.

Now celebs are sounding off on the shocking developments on Twitter, where Rose McGowan tweeted, “I don’t even have words #usa.” Rosie Perez exclaimed, “Omg!!! #Syria.” Kerry Washington said, “Wait. What?! Heart breaking. #Syria.” And Lena Dunham stated, “The only thing to tweet right now is a prayer for peace and safety.”

“We r bombing syria – while he golfs in florida WAR,” posted Rosie O’Donnell. Patton Oswalt commented, “I mean, of COURSE our president has read Tuchman’s The Guns of August, right? Heh heh? Heh? Someone? Hello?” George Takei urged, “Let us all pledge today not to let Trump bomb his way to popularity, or to let a foreign conflict distract from our ongoing investigations.” Cher also wrote sarcastically, “Military action always bring #’s Up.”

Andy Lassner pointed out, “The president who campaigned on not attacking Syria has just attacked Syria.” Trevor Noah posted, “No puppet, no puppet…” And a number of stars retweeted years-old tweets from Trump, in which he said then-president Obama shouldn’t strike Syria, especially without congressional approval. That led Josh Gad to remark, “My God. Just my God. Hypocrisy is a tremendous thing.” And Samantha Ronson said, “There is, LITERALLY, a contradiction for every action he takes, in his own twitter account.”

And, in reference to one Trump missive that warned about World War III due to “horrendous leadership,” Sophia Bush said, “This tweet has not aged well. The foreshadowing is now chilling…” Trump is pictured above in Florida, where he delivering a short, prepared statement on the military action after the news broke.

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