Celebrities React: Time 100 Most Influential People Of 2017

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Time 100 Most Influential Celebrities React

By Andrew Shuster |

Time revealed its 2017 list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” on Thursday, a group that includes renowned figures in various industries. A number of celebrities made the cut, and many of the famous recipients are reacting to their honor on Twitter. See stars’ tweets below!

As with past years, the honorees’ famous friends were asked to write the article celebrating their peer, so many stars thanked both Time and the prominent author. James Corden expressed, “Genuinely blown away to be in @TIME 100 list with all these people. And thank you [Elton John] for your kind words.” Alicia Keys wrote, “Thank you to my sister [Kerry Washington] for her words & love Honored to be included in this year’s #TIME100.” And Leslie Jones tweeted, “Proud to be included in the 2017 #TIME100.”

Meanwhile, John Legend said, “Thank you, @TIME. Thank you, [Harry Belafonte].” Chance the Rapper noted, “Beyond honored to be one off the #Time100 most influential people. Even more crazy that my hero [Common] wrote my story!” Constance Wu conveyed, “Was stunned, honored & grateful that I made the 2017 #Time100 Special thx to my friend [Lena Dunham] for the writeup.” And Ryan Reynolds added, “What in the..? Thanks #Time100 and Helen Mirren for the kindest words. My real name is Summershank Melon-Wad.”

Additionally, Melinda Gates said, “I’m so touched by Sheryl Sandberg’s words in the #TIME100 list and I’ll do everything I can to live up to them.” Riz Ahmed wrote, “Thanks @TIME 4 putting me on cover for #100mostinfluential ppl. Thanks [Lin Manuel-Miranda] for the love. Thanks all 4 your support. Hope to earn it.” And Viola Davis exclaimed, “I made the 2017 #TIME100 list!”

Ivanka Trump offered, “I am honored to be included in this year’s Time 100 list. Thank you [Wendi Murdoch] for this beautiful tribute.” Ben Platt admitted, “This one is hard to fathom. Feeling profoundly humbled. And thank you for such beautiful words, [Zac Efron].” And Gretchen Carlson expressed, “Proud to be included in the 2017 #TIME100. Thank you @TIME & [Katie Couric].” Gossip Cop will update as more celebrities react to Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2017.

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