Celebrities React: Hillary Clinton Picks Tim Kaine For Vice President

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Tim Kaine Vice President Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Tim Kaine Vice President Reaction

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Hillary Clinton officially picked Senator Tim Kaine to be her vice president. She announced the news on Friday night, and now celebrities are reacting. See stars’ reaction tweets below!

Kaine, who currently represents the state of Virginia, was one of the names bandied about this week as possible vice presidential running mates. Clinton’s short list also reportedly included Elizabeth Warren. Her selection now comes just a few days before the Democratic National Convention will be held in Philadelphia, with the party making its ticket for the 2016 election official.

Tony Goldwyn, who plays the president on “Scandal” and will be at the DNC, tweeted in response to the news, “Congrats @TimKaine!!! Such a great guy. Will be a great VP. #ClintonKaine.” Star Jones, who will also speak at the convention, posted, “Excellent choice. #ImWithHer.” Debra Messing commented, “#Tim Kaine has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood and an “F” from the #NRA. The Most #Progressive ticket in American History.”

“Kaine took break from Harvard Law to work as Catholic missionary in Honduras. As a lawyer he worked on civil rights,” noted Mia Farrow. Michael Moore remarked, “Tim Kaine. Sigh. Trying to win votes from a middle that’s no longer there. Shows old political thinking. Trump picked VP to excite the base.” “Difficult People” star Julie Klausner quipped, “In @timkaine’s Twitter bio it sez he plays bluegrass, so I think we all know who Edie Brickell and Steve Martin will vote for!” Adam McKay also joked, “Tim Kaine pick is like your sister announcing her destination wedding is going to be in San Antonio.”

Meanwhile, Rosario Dawson, an outspoken Bernie Sanders supported, retweeted, “Tim Kaine. Sigh…the more things change…” Susan Sarandon, another Sanders stumper and Clinton critic, also retweeted the message, “First the #DNCLeaks that show how they rigged the primaries, now her WallStreet approved VP #TimKaine. Good luck.”

Clinton and Kaine are pictured above at a rally in Virginia last month. Gossip Cop will update as more reactions come in.


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