Celebrities React: Third Presidential Debate With Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

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Celebrities React Third Presidential Debate

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Third Presidential Debate


Celebrities are reacting to Wednesday’s third presidential debate with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump and Clinton are facing off at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Chris Wallace is moderating the debate, marking the first time a Fox News anchor has been selected for the prestigious gig. And, since the event marks the final time the presidential nominees will go head to head before next month’s election, a lot of eyes are glued to the TV tonight.

That includes a wide variety of Hollywood names, some of whom began tweeting long before the debate’s start time. Eva Longoria shared a photo of herself looking nervous as she held wine next to her laptop. “Ready for the debate tonight!! The big decision tonight… glass or bottle? #ImWithHer,” she said. Tom Bergeron had a similar idea, tweeting a photo of himself at a bar. “Final Presidential Debate in under 4 hours. I’ve begun my debate prep,” he wrote.

Emily VanCamp apparently planned to eat, as she posted a picture of a cake with “#FreeMelania” written in the frosting. She captioned the snapshot, “#freemelania #nevertrump #ImWithHer.” Rashida Jones fretted, “Do I have to watch the debate? I am actually enjoying my day… #trumptrauma.” John Cusack planned on delayed viewing, admitting, “Go cubs taping the debate…”

Craig Ferguson amusingly suggested, “The whole format is [a] bit tired. It needs a ‘Scrappy Doo’ freshen up. Maybe ‘dance off’ segment or lip syncing.” Regardless of the format, former and possibly future First Daughter Chelsea Clinton posted, “So proud of you mom & I can’t wait to watch you take the stage tonight #ImWithHer.” An eager Stephen King told followers, “Let’s see how many times Trump ‘manturrupts’ her.”

“Just got out of therapy and had a mindful meditation. I AM READY FOR THE #DEBATES,” exclaimed Katy Perry. Chelsea Handler announced, “I’m about to start live tweeting. I hope this debate isn’t rigged.” Ellen DeGeneres quipped, “Since The Real Housewives isn’t on tonight, I guess I’ll have to see a catfight the old-fashioned way… by watching the #debate.”

Minutes before the showdown began, Seth Meyers sarcastically posted, “These dudes who intro the debates KEEP GETTING BETTER!!!” Emmy Rossum told followers, “At work. Missing it. Someone tweet me what happens.” In contrast, Albert Brooks said, “I’m trying to tweet but I’m so damn sick of the whole thing.”

Shortly after 9 p.m. Eastern, Wallace welcomed Trump and Clinton to the stage, and immediately stars started commenting on the former Secretary of State’s outfit. Perry called her “MY WHITE ANGEL,” while Taran Killam posted, “Not the one I thought would be wearing a white power suit.” The first topic was the Supreme Court, which prompted Sophia Bush to remark, “Well we already know that Trump has no respect for the Constitution soooo…”

Handler joked, “Trump… ‘The Supreme Court that’s what it’s all about…’ I thought that was the hokey pokey.” Rosie O’Donnell cracked, “trump writes a note ‘remember rosie odonnell is fat.'” The conversation segued to abortion, leading Chloe Grace Moretz to argue, “A man that thinks a woman should be punished for making a decision about her OWN body is NOT a presidential candidate.”

“Trump is eerily calm. #HannibalLecter,” observed Ed Helms. Judd Apatow said, “Trump sounds like a kid who didn’t do his homework who is faking it in his speech to the class.” Bethenny Frankel asked her followers, “R u digging Chris Wallace?” She went on to say, “Chris is grabbing it by the balls. He is moderating.”

When immigration came up, along with Trump’s desire to build a wall, he was mocked and called out for saying there’s “bad hombres” in the U.S. who need to leave. “We got some bad hombres here. And he knows cause he ate that taco salad,” quipped Brooks. Patton Oswalt ‏tweeted, “Hillary trying not to laugh at Pasty McHonky saying ‘hombres.'”

Whoopi Goldberg simply asked, “Bad hombres?” Star Jones said, “Did this MF just say we have some ‘bad hombres here?’ I can’t. He gonna make me cuss.” And Zach Braff noted, “Bad Hombres is a good band name.” Others who reacted to that remark include Rosie Perez, Tracie Ellis Ross, Longoria, Ferguson, Moretz, and more stars.

Amid the debate, Snooki promoted shirts from her personal shop, saying, “I get attacked for not supporting a candidate? Why does my opinion mean so much to you? Again, I’m voting for pizza.” As the conversation became heated, Jeffrey Ross commented, “Damn I wish I was judging this #RoastBattle.” J.P. Rosenbaum wondered, “Why can’t we give the moderators control of the on/off switches on the candidates’ mics? #debate #mute.”

When Trump and Clinton argued about which of them was a “puppet,” that prompted a strong Twitter reaction, too. VanCamp wrote, “You’re the puppet, no YOU’RE the puppet….. is this real life?” Helms said, “Come on Hillary, don’t throw shade on puppets! The Muppets rule! Fraggle Rock? Awesome.” Combining topics, Oswalt deadpanned, “Rip up the hombre puppet babies.” Octavia Spencer said, “Putin Puppet. Alliteration at it’s finest.” And Perry exclaimed, “OMG THE PUPPET MEMES #DEBATES IM SCREAMKNG.”

“Trump doing color commentary for Chris Wallace is now my favorite thing possibly ever,” confessed Josh Gad. And while most celebs were slamming Trump, Omarosa repeatedly ripped Clinton. “HRC says one thing in in public about position on immigration and then something diff in her #WallStreet Speeches,” she said in one tweet.

More than 40 minutes in, Wallace asked Trump about the women who have accused him of sexual assault. Both Bush and O’Donnell called Trump a “predator.” Injecting some off-color humor, Ferguson cracked, “Ahhh. The porn section.” Seth MacFarlane posted, “‘Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Nobody. Not even women. Not even me. Not even–wait.'” Handler even said, “The only person with more respect for women than Donald Trump is Bill Cosby.”

Kate Walsh noted, “#Trump refuses to apologize to women #vote.” Silverman sarcastically said, “Yeah we all know how women LOVE the fame & attention they get when they come forward w being sexually violated.” Karrueche Tran tweeted, “Trump quick to wanna change the subject when his disrespect towards women is brought up SMH.” And, in response to Trump saying he didn’t apologize to his wife for what he says are false claims, Elizabeth Banks pointed out, “Esp when Melania said he did apologize. How much egg does he want on her pretty face? #poorMelania.”

Meanwhile, Melissa Joan Hart expressed, “This final @debate is cementing my decision to #vote for #GaryJohnson2016!!” Handler, however, cracked, “Someone say foreign hot spot? Gary Johnson, jump in when you want. Is he not there?” On the topic of “rigged” election claims, Wallace asked Trump if he will accept the vote of the America public. Bush tweeted, “‘I’ll keep you in suspense’!? America is not The Apprentice, Donald. OUR DEMOCRACY WORKS.” Moretz said, “‘I’ll keep you in suspense’ truly truly terrifying.” Debra Messing deemed the mogul’s response “anti-American.”

“Okay, Donald Trump just literally cost himself the election and possible violence all in one sentence,” stated Gad. When Clinton fired back, Spencer said, “Hillary is going for the jugular. Take note nations of the world. This Woman Prez will not be a pushover. #Stamina.” Braff asked, “How could they discuss anything other than the fact that he just said he might not respect the outcome of the election??????????”

With the intensity of the debate only rising, Drew Carey tweeted, “Why does my Apple Watch keep telling me to breathe? #Debate2016.” Cher revealed, “Was sitting in bath & All of a sudden I remembered about debate. It Was like [a lightning bolt], & All I could think was ‘Oh God Please Don’t let him be PRES.'” Pauly D admitted, “This Presidential Debate Is Giving Me A Headache.”

And with various issues still not addressed, Banks asked, “Climate change? Anyone? Bueller?” Bill Maher similarly pointed out, “Not a single question about climate change in all 3 debates. Sad. No, really — sad.” Justin Long wrote, “I’m hoping the minute I spent running to the bathroom is when they addressed climate change #?#debatenight.”

Towards the end of the debate, Trump interjected and called Clinton a “nasty woman,” which set off a number of celebs. “I thought i heard ‘ur such a nasty woman’ & had to rewind,” Frankel noted. Andy Cohen tweeted, “Did he call her a ‘nasty woman’?? How about you’re a fucking asshole. Check you at the taco place at Trump Tower, dude.” Retta posted, “‘Such a nasty woman.’ -#TheP*ssyGrabber Settle yourself.”

Vivica Fox exclaimed, “Did @realDonaldTrump just say such a nasty woman? I’M DONE!!! SMDH! U are just the worst!! It’s a wrap! #IJS #ImWithHer #MadamePresident.” Moretz observed, “‘Such a nasty woman’ he’s not even hiding his sexism.” And Handler noted, “Nobody respects women as much as he does. #NastyWoman.”

In a debate first, Wallace asked each candidate to give America a “closing statement.” Gad observed, “Trump’s final moment is to ensure that as many ethnicities as possible vote for Clinton. DNC needs to pay him right now!!!” John Legend said sarcastically, “Nice positive ending, Donald.” And Candace Cameron Bure urged, “That’s all folks! Please go out and VOTE November 8th. DON’T SIT THIS ONE OUT! It’s every person’s responsibility and privilege to VOTE!”


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