Celebrities React: Terence Crutcher Killed By Police

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Celebrities React Terence Crutcher Killed

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Terence Crutcher Killed

(Tulsa Police Department)

Celebrities are tweeting angry reactions after an unarmed black man named Terence Crutcher was killed by police. See stars’ reactions tweets below.

Last Friday, Crutcher’s car broke down on a stretch of road in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When police responded to a 911 call about the stalled vehicle, they found him outside the car with his arms raised. It’s unclear what conversation transpired, but Crutcher was fatally shot by one of the officers, Betty Shelby, and tased by another. The 40-year-old did not have any weapons on him.

The case is now getting national attention after 911 recordings, dashcam footage, and helicopter video from the deadly encounter were released on Monday. The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating. And on social media, celebrities are reacting to what is the latest instance of fatal police interactions.

Rashida Jones tweeted, “#terencecrutcher This requires everyone’s outrage. It needs to stop.” Karrueche Tran wrote, “RIP #TerenceCrutcher How tf the officer in the heli gon say ‘he looks like a bad dude’ How TF CAN YOU TELL HE LOOKS BAD? CAUSE HE’S BLACK??!” She went on in a second tweet to refer to the capture of the man allegedly responsible for the Chelsea explosion, saying, “They find a bomb suspect and put him on a stretcher while an innocent man who’s car broke down gets SHOT AND DIES?!! HOWW!! Plz tell me how!”

“‘He looks like a bad dude’ cop says from a helo above #TerrenceCrutcher. How many times do we see that fear in eyes we pass on the sidewalk?” asked Jeffrey Wright. D.L. Hughley commented, “I wish Americans were as upset at #TerenceCrutcher getting shot DOWN as they are at #ColinKaepernick not standing UP!#ItsTooMuch #TeamDl.” Tracie Thoms simply posted, “#TerenceCrutcher #TerenceCrutcher #TerenceCrutcher #TerenceCrutcher #TerenceCrutcher #TerenceCrutcher #TerenceCrutcher #TerenceCrutcher.”

Steve Harvey expressed, “So tired of seeing these videos. When do the people who pay taxes get protection? #TerenceCrutcher.” Amber Riley said, “#TerenceCrutcher not another hashtag #BlackLives Matter.” John Legend retweeted a post saying, “Think of the time your car broke down. Now imagine the cops showing up and killing you. I know. It makes no sense. #TerenceCrutcher.”

“#smh —> I may have to take a knee on this one,” remarked Arsenio Hall. Russell Simmons also sent out the “#TerenceCrutcher” hashtag. Zendaya tweeted, “Hands up…DO NOT SHOOT!” Andy Cohen wrote, “A helicopter, tazer and gun for car trouble??? Car trouble. Unarmed. This keeps getting worse and worse. #TerenceCruthcher.”

Olivia Wilde retweeted, “How many times does this officer lie about the shooting of #TerenceCrutcher in less than 45 seconds?” The post showed video of a cop talking about what went down from their perspective. And Susan Sarandon also retweeted a message reading, “If you’re outraged at the protest Kaepernick started, but not outraged about the murder of #TerenceCrutcher, you are part of the problem.” Gabrielle Union shared that same tweet, writing, “This. This. THIS!!!!!!!”

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