Celebrities React To Supreme Court Ending Same-Sex Marriage Ban – See Star Reactions

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stars react supreme court same sex marriage

By Minyvonne Burke |

stars react supreme court same sex marriage

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The Supreme Court ruled on Friday to end same-sex marriage bans nationwide, and now celebrities are reacting to the landmark decision. Before the ruling, gay and lesbian couples were only allowed to get married in 36 states and the District of Columbia. Now, based on the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling, same-sex couples will be allowed to wed in all 50 states.

Shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision was announced, the Twitter hashtags “#LoveWins” and “#SCOTUSMarriage” started to trend, and many people, including celebrities, happily tweeted about the historic victory. President Obama wrote, “Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins.” Jesse Tyler Feguson posted, “Hugely emotional that marriage equality has finally come to the U.S. History! Love ALWAYS wins.” And Hillary Clinton wrote that she was “proud to celebrate a historic victory for marriage equality – & The courage & determination of LGBT Americans who made it possible.”

Alyssa Milano noted, “It’s official #MarriageEquality comes to America! #LoveWins.” Andy Cohen wrote, “LOVE WINS!!! WE ARE EQUAL!!! Ps. Somebody marry me, quick.” He added in another tweet, “It’s a great day for America!!! For love!!! Did you ever think you’d see this day??? I didn’t! but it sure is beautiful.” And Ricky Martin posted that now that the Supreme Court made their decision to lift bans across the country on same sex marriage, it will no longer be called “equal marriage” but just “marriage” in general.

Olivia Wilde tweeted that she was “PROUD to be American today,” and Pete Wentz exclaimed, “Finally #SCOTUS.” Matt Bomer wrote that the Supreme Court’s decision was a “huge step forward for our country, and my family.” He added, “I’m so grateful and happy! #SCOTUSMarriage.” Brad Goreski said, “Wow! What a historic day! Gay marriage is legal nationwide!! Can’t wait to marry @GaryJanetti #SCOTUSMarriage.”

Marlee Matlin tweeted the hashtag “#lovewins,” adding, “Free to be. Free to love. Free to marry. Free to be equal. Marriage equality is a reality. I am so happy.” Kate Walsh posted, “US Supreme Court backs gay marriage YES!” Kyle Richards said it was “an incredible historic day” adding, “Feeling incredibly proud to be an American today. Thank you #JusticeKennedy #LoveWins.”

Alyson Hannigan noted, “LOVE + LOVE = EQUALITY FINALLY!!!!!!!” Emmy Rossum wrote, “Supreme Court rules 5-4 that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide. YES!!!!!!!” And Snooki tweeted that it was an “awesome day for America.” Kristen Chenoweth simply tweeted the hashtag “#LoveWins,” and Sean Hayes posted a video celebrating the ruling writing, “#MarriageEquality for all, here’s a celebratory video from @ScottIcenogle & me.” Gabrielle Union, posted, “Let LOVE rule! #LoveWins #MarriageEquaility.” And Anna Kendrick noted that “Today is beautiful.”

Will Arnett excitedly tweeted “about time” and in another post, “F*ckin A!” Seth MacFarlane wrote in a series of tweets, “The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states today. IT’S ABOUT. F*CKING. TIME. Congratulations America for finally catching up to the modern era with this landmark step forward for gay and lesbian rights. Each new civil rights conflict is seen as ‘different than the last’. But bigotry is bigotry. So next time this happens, don’t take so long.”

Ellen DeGeneres also commented on the ruling, writing, “Love won. #MarriageEquality.” Sarah Bareilles exclaimed,” REJOICING AND SMILING AND CHEERING AND YELLING AND DANCING AND CELEBRATING!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!” Ariana Grande, who is celebrating her birthday today, wrote, “I cried #lovewins #happybirthdaytome #proudtobeanamerican.” She added in another post, “Thanks for my birthday surprise @BarackObama (jk but wow you’re fkkn cool) #lovewins.” Ryan Reynolds said he had “sincere musical swells for humanity” and Josh Groban noted, “What a beautiful day. #lovewins.” Kelly Osbourne tweeted that she was “so happy” that she was “crying.” Osbourne added, “I am so proud of America I will never forget this historical day!!!”

Zendaya simply tweeted the words “#LoveWins,” and One Direction singer Harry Styles said it was a “huge day for America… Happy to see the news. All the love.” John Legend posted that he was “very happy about the SCOTUS rulings this week! Marriage Equality, Fair Housing and Affordable Health Care!” And Taylor Swift noted, “And you can want who you want… Boys and boys and girls and girls.” #lovewins #FINALLY.”


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