Celebrities React: Super Bowl 2018, Eagles Defeat Patriots

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Celebrities React Super Bowl 2018

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrities React Super Bowl 2018

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The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in the 2018 Super Bowl, and many celebrities are now reacting on Twitter to the outcome of the big game. With a little more than two minutes left in the game, the Eagles stripped the ball from Patriots QB Tom Brady. In the end, Philadelphia won 41-33. See stars’ tweets and reactions to Super Bowl LII below!

This year’s game was at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, marking the second Super Bowl in Minneapolis, which previously hosted the event in 1992. And Sunday night was also the Patriots’ 10th Super Bowl appearance, an NFL record. For the Eagles, it was the third time for them in the championship game. This year’s event was also a rematch of the 2004 Super Bowl, which was won by the Patriots 24-41.

Ryan Seacrest tweeted, “Congrats to the @Eagles on winning their first #SuperBowl, and incredible job @jtimberlake on shutting down the #halftimeshow! #SBLII” Ellen DeGeneres added, “What an incredible season for the @Eagles. So happy for Philly and my EP, @EdGlavin. #SuperBowl #Eagles.” President Trump shared, “Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on a great Super Bowl victory!” And Aaron Paul exclaimed, “Yesssssss!!!!”

Ana Gasteyer joked, “First time I’ve felt normal since election night. #SuperBowlLll.” Chrissy Teigen tweeted, “My house…is so happy. Everyone is now apparently THE BIGGEST eagles fan. I, I don’t care. So please don’t yell at me thank you.” Tom Arnold wrote, “#FlyEaglesFly The Wife If Happy Tonight. @AshleyLynArnold.” Meanwhile Josh Gad expressed, “Miracles do happen.” And a speechless LeBron James offered, “WOW!”

Josh Groban cracked, “Philly dilly.” Iggy Azalea felt, “yes. underdogs.” Chris Harrison mocked himself when writing, “The most dramatic night in Philly ever! Lot of kids named Nick being made tonight.” “There is hope in this world!!! Congrats @Eagles! Awesome game!” added Rosie Perez. John Cusack uttered, “Unbelievable” followed by “Philly!”

Stephen King wrote, “All props to the Philadelphia Eagles, who played one hell of a game.” Seth Meyers offered, “Congrats to @nanglish @jaketapper @jamespoyser and every other Eagles fan who has been waiting for this!” “They flew. What an amazing game #SuperBowl2018 #FlyEagelsFly” shared Shanen Doherty. And Ken Jeong simply stated, “CONGRATS.” And Derek Hough said, “Congrats Eagles! Great game!”

Carrie Underwood shared, “Congrats, @Eagles and Eagles fans! That was a great game from the anthem to the halftime show to the confetti! So much for both teams to be proud of!” Rainn Wilson cracked, “If I were there I would lick the entirety of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.” Justin Long, however, felt, “This nonstop kissing and touching of the Lombardi trophy is a germaphobe’s nightmare #SuperBowl” John Cena added, “A well deserved congrats to @Eagles @nfl #SuperBowlLll champions! David has slain Goliath indeed. #NeverGiveUp.”

Nick Jonas noted, “What a game! Congrats to the EAGLES!!!” “Congratulations @Eagles and the FANS! One of the BEST games EVER! #SuperBowlLll #SuperBowl2018 #PhiladelphiaEagles” wrote Marlee Matlin. Victoria Justice offered, “Wow! What a phenomenal game. Congrats to the Eagles on their first Super Bowl win! Well played.” Emmy Rossum tweeted, “Fly EAGLES fly!!!! Elizabeth Banks said, “Congrats. #Philadelphia great city, fans and great effort @Eagles #SBLII” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more celebrities react to the Eagles beating the Patriots in the final minutes of the 2018 Super Bowl.

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