Stars Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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Celebrities React St Patricks Day Tweets

By Holly Nicol |

Celebrities React St Patricks Day Tweets

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and a number of celebrities are taking to social media to celebrate the occasion. See Hollywood stars’ tweets below!

Nicki Minaj wrote, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!!” Donald Trump tweeted, “Happy Lá Fheile Phadraig to all of my great Irish friends!” Carson Daly expressed, “#HappyStPatricksDay.” And Jimmy Fallon similarly offered, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!”

Meanwhile, Melissa Joan Hart said, “Happy St Patrick’s Day! From the little Irish in me…. #blessings.” Denis Leary tweeted, “#StPatricksDay Irish History Fact: We invented whiskey, sarcasm & bare knuckle brawling. All on the same night. In that order.” “Top of the mornin’ to ya,” Bethenny Frankel quipped. And Dolly Parton shared, “Happy St.Patrick’s Day.”

Ariel Winter wrote, “Happy #stpatricksday from China.” Paul McCartney tweeted, “Happy St. Paddy’s Day! #StPatricksDay.” Niall Horan said, “Happy paddys days to all the lovely Irish people all over the world and anyone else who wants to join us,” along with a dozen beer emojis. And Conan O’Brien quipped, “On this St. Patrick’s Day, I can’t help but reflect on all the leprechauns detained at the airport.”

Reese Witherspoon offered, “Found the pot of gold!! Happy #StPatricksDay!” And Kathy Griffin shared a picture of her mom, Maggie Griffin, surrounded by various St. Patricks Day themed emojis. “Um, #stpatricksday @tipitmaggieg #Irish #beer #booze #Leprechaun #Rainbow #lgbt #TipIt @U2 @official_enya @Celtic_Woman @lordofthedance.” And Ellen DeGeneres joked, “Happy #StPatricksDay to all of my Irish fans. And everyone who enjoys day drinking.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Banks posted a photo of her villainous Power Rangers character decked out in a green outfit, and added, “Green is good. Happy #StPatricksDay.” Kirstie Alley said, “Green is the color of the day. as an Irish descendant, I promise not to pinch u… hard.” Kenny G. similarly offered, “Happy #stpatricksday everyone! Don’t get pinched today!” And Mark Wahlberg posted a photo of himself with his young daughter, who’s wearing a green shirt, and wrote, “#HappyStPatricksDay from me and my littlest leprechaun.”

Kerry Washington tweeted, “Annual St. Patrick’s day tweet!!! Because FYI, I am named after County Kerry. WHAT?!” Fergie exclaimed, Happy St. Patrick’s Day world!!!” And Robert Downey Jr. posted a photo of himself decked out in a green jumpsuit with four-leaf clovers, while also petting two pigs, and added, “The three of us will be looking for you at the parade. Happy St Paddy’s Day!”

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