Celebrities React: Ryan Lochte Lied About Being Robbed In LochteGate

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Celebrities React Ryan Lochte Lied Robbed

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Ryan Lochte Lied Robbed

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Celebrities are reacting to Ryan Lochte seemingly lying about being robbed in Rio. See stars’ reaction tweets to “#LochteGate” below.

As Gossip Cop reported, last weekend Lochte claimed he was robbed at gunpoint when he and three other swimmers were held up by police impersonators on their way back to the Olympic village. Police, however, have said they found no evidence of a crime. And on Thursday, it was claimed Lochte and his fellow Team USA members fabricated the story to cover up an altercation at a local gas station. Officials later said that while there was a gun involved in the incident, Lochte was not robbed.

The unfolding drama has been dubbed “#LochteGate” on Twitter, where people are posting reactions to the scandal. Among those commenting are celebrities, some seriously, some not. Rainn Wilson, for instance, posted, “Confession: I robbed Ryan Lochte. I used my Lackawanna County Sheriff’s badge a squirt gun & a bad Brazilian accent. Sorry.”

Mindy Kaling tweeted, “I have a really good theory about those swimmers and I will be boring people at work today with it.” Seth Meyers wrote, “Starting to think @SethMacFarlane played Lochte too smart in 2012.” Along similar lines, Craig Ferguson said, “Remember kids. There’s nothing wrong with being a good swimmer but it doesn’t make you smart.”

“Jeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhoooooohhhhsh*t. #RyanLochte,” Joel McHale tweeted, in a play on Lochte’s infamous catchphrase. In a nod to another lying scandal, Chris Harrison commented, “How has NBC not already set up a prime time special with Brian Williams interviewing Ryan Lochte? That’s great TV.” And with some Olympics humor, Albert Brooks quipped, “Ryan Lochte’s lie was just given a 6.3.”

Josh Charles cracked, “Well, I guess that’s one way to get people to stop talking about your hideously dyed hair. #Lochte.” Fellow actor and well-known sports fan Michael Rapaport pointed out that he said Lochte was lying on Monday, and argued, “He should have to do service work in the City of God for a year cleaning homes & dying people’s hair.” He went on, “Yo Lying Ryan Lochte is a nut job for real. I KNEW he was bullsh*tting #LyingRyan.”

Among those angry over the situation was Keith Olberman, who tweeted, “This IOC spokesman Mario Andrada should resign and Lochte and the swimmers should be fined jailed and/or suspended.” He further wrote, “As much as I loathe the waste that is the Olympics, Lochte and these morons made a troubled country’s troubles worse by lying and blaming.” Star Jones also remarked, “DANG. Way to put yourself in an unnecessary #TrickBag.”

Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen was upset the controversy was getting so much attention, given others issues going on the world. “I personally cannot bring myself to give two shits about Ryan Lochte’s gas station fight, and this is why,” she tweeted with a link to an article Omran Daqneesh, the 5-year-old boy whose story has gone viral after he was injured in the ongoing Syrian conflict. Teigen stated, “I’m not saying we have to care about every issue at once, or we must pick and choose what to bring to light but god damn, who the f*ck cares.”

She then declared, “Stupid as sh*t gas station international incident, nope. Don’t care.” After blowback from some followers, Teigen went on write, “I’m sorry if the gas station memes just aren’t quite as funny as they were before seeing a boy pulled out of airstrike rubble.” She later clarified, “Also, please note I am fully aware a large percentage of my tweets are moronic, unimportant babble.” And in an opposing viewpoint, Stephen Amell admitted, “I can’t get enough of this story about the swimmer with the hair lying to authorities & the American public bc he (probably) peed on a door.”

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