Celebrities React: Russian Hackers Interfered With U.S. Election

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Celebrities React Russian Hackers

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Russian Hackers

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Celebrities are reacting to the CIA’s belief that Russian hackers interfered with the U.S. election. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

On Friday, it was revealed intelligence officials concluded that Russian hackers possibly contributed to Donald Trump winning the presidential election by not just hacking the Democratic National Committee and leaking emails related to Hillary Clinton, but also by allegedly withholding information it obtained by hacking the Republican National Committee, too. While Trump has denied having connections to the Russian government, this was allegedly all part of a covert operation to influence the election’s outcome.

Now celebrities are sounding off on Twitter about Russian’s reported involvement. Jessica Chastain told followers, “This is NEWS. I know we are all sick of feeling bad but we need to deal with this.” Patton Oswalt similarly said, “I know it’s Saturday & we’re all exhausted but the election’s going ka-ka koo-koo in real time. There will be ugliness. Wow.” Ava DuVernay wrote, “Should be trending. But it’s like the plot of a really bad movie, when the actors don’t seem to know how bad it is.”

“Never forget that when shown substantial evidence that Russia hacked US election, @SenateMajLdr chose party over country. Hypocritical snake,” posted Andy Richter. Seth MacFarlane tweeted a photo of Chevy Chase and Dan Ackroyd in Spies Like Us, writing, “In light of the CIA’s conclusion that Russia assisted the Republican campaign, the U.S. will put these guys on the case.” George Takei wrote, “Tuns out Russia also hacked GOP emails — but only sent the Dem emails to Wikileaks. This election is steeped in fraud and foreign tampering.”

He went on to say in one of many tweets on the subject, “If the CIA had found Russia had helped Hillary, and she had won by a razor thin margin, how do you suppose the GOP and its base would react?” Tom Arnold pointed out, “#RussianHackers Trump lovers. When getting facts from infowars & mocking US CIA keep in mind Russia is partners with Iran & Assad in Syria.” Rob Reiner remarked, “Teapot Dome, Watergate, Iran-Contra are quaint compared to Russian gov. in league with Trump to influence US election. Criminal DT has to go!!”

Sarah Silverman argued, “If this is proven true as it’s seeming to look then a re-vote is the only America-loving choice.” Albert Brooks also cracked, “Congrats to Vladimir Putin for nominating Rex Tillerson as Sect. of State.” Michael Ian Black quipped, “Trump supporters on Clinton Found.:’Where there’s smoke there’s fire.’ Trump supporters on Russian election hack: ‘Smoke? What smoke?’

And Kumail Nanjiani stressed, “Yes Russia helped Trump win. But they didn’t hack the voting machines. They swayed public opinion. Ppl still actually voted for him. He won.”

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