Celebrities React: Rick Perry Energy Secretary For Donald Trump Cabinet

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Celebrities React Rick Perry energy Secretary

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Rick Perry energy Secretary

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Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump picking Rick Perry to be Energy Secretary in his administration. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

Perry will be Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Energy, a controversial choice like many of his other Cabinet selections. While President Obama has a nuclear physicist in the role now, Perry once called to abolish the department, even though, during an infamous moment in a 2012 presidential debate, he couldn’t remember the name of the agency. With that gaffe in mind, stars are now sounding off on the former Texas governor potentially getting the gig.

George Takei joked, “Trump named Rick Perry to head the Department of Education. Er, Labor. Or was it Energy? #FossilFool. John Fugelsang cracked, “I’m not making any jokes about Rick Perry because it’s hacky, it’s been done & I forget the 3rd thing.” Albert Brooks commented, “Rick Perry to head agency he couldn’t think of but still wanted to abolish. You can’t make this stuff up folks.”

With a nod to some of the day’s other big Trump news, Josh Gad wrote, “Trump not taking security briefings but meeting with Kanye West as he appoints Rick Perry 2 head a department he wants to end. Anyone care?” Stephen Colbert sarcastically asked, “To: New Energy Secretary Rick Perry- How bout we power the country with a turbine connected to the founding fathers rolling in their graves?” And Debra Messing retweeted a link that said, “‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant nominated to oversee U.S. nuclear program.'”

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Perry competed on the most recent season of “DWTS,” and was eliminated a few weeks into the competition. He returned, however, for a performance on last month’s finale. So, for better or worse, that would possibly make two reality stars leading the federal government.

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