Celebrities React: Presidential Debate With Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

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Celebrities React Presidential Debate Trump Clinton

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrities React Presidential Debate Trump Clinton


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off Monday night in the first presidential debate of the 2016 election. Celebrities are now reacting to the event on Twitter. See stars’ reactions below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton, moderated by NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, was held at Hofstra University in Long Island, NY. The overwhelming majority of celebrities support Clinton, and many applauded her for holding her own against the outspoken Republican nominee.

Patricia Heaton kicked off the tweeting by writing at the beginning, “It seems like the Donald toned his hair and makeup down,” while Ed Helms tweeted, “Why is @HillaryClinton dressed like Dr. Evil at Christmas?” Bill Maher similarly remarked on Clinton’s outfit, joking, “Hillary dressed as bottle of hot sauce – a pander to Latinos?” And Josh Groban offered, “Anyone else find it funny that they’re both wearing the opposite party’s color?” “Hillary’s hair looks better than Donald Trump’s hair tonight. Maybe I’ll vote the #hairparty this year,” noted Arsenio Hall.

Right after the candidates began speaking, Debra Messing said of Clinton, “Now this is what a President sounds like. So proud #ImWithHer She is clear, focused, hopeful, disciplined.” The two candidates, though, bickered right away. About the sparring between them, Andy Cohen ‏wrote, “It took twenty minutes to turn into Housewives Reunion #Debates2016.” Emmy Rossum expressed, “Trump is literally IMPLODING,” while Sarah Silverman added, “Baby has a lot of tantrums #DEBATES.” And Albert Brooks cracked, “Putin is watching this saying ‘if he yells at me like this I’ll break his teeth’”

Sarah Hyland pleaded, “GIVE @HillaryClinton HER TWO MINUTES!!!!!! STOP INTERRUPTING!!!!” Kelly Clarkson wrote, “@HillaryClinton deserves an Oscar for acting like she doesn’t want to lose her ever living sh*t right now.” John Cusack ‏asked, “What is he even talking about? Does he know?” And Seth MacFarlane ‏opined, “I’ve never in my lifetime seen babbling incoherence on a Presidential debate stage like Trump is displaying tonight. I’m in a nightmare.”

Vocal Clinton supporter Katy Perry shared during the debate, “She’s smiling with ease cause #shesgotthis #ImWithHer #debatenight.” Josh Gad remarked, “Apparently Donald Trump is literally incapable of letting people talk.” Leslie Jones tweeted, “OMG I’m sorry y’all not only does he make no sense and saying nothing. He is just petty. He is isn’t saying anything helpful at all!!” And Connie Britton stated, “This is humiliating. We are desecrating our dignity. #hillarydeservesbetterandsodowe”

Tracee Ellis Ross felt, “This is just nuts #debatenight.” “Wow he is STRUGGLING,” wrote Jessica Chastain. Jesse Tyler Ferguson ‏voiced, “Trump explaining the Obama birth certificate is the craziest labyrinth of words I’ve ever heard. I mean….what?! So lost.” And Brandi Glanville suggested, “Can we have Trump run the business side and Hillary run the rest?”

After the debate, Olivia Wilde expressed, “That was a pathetic, unprepared, meltdown from an idiotic @realDonaldTrump. But we still have to work HARD to ensure his BS doesn’t win.” McFarlane wrote, “Wait… did Trump whine about Rosie O’Donnell there at the end? Does he know where he is? Am I in the ninth circle of Hell?” Ferguson added, “So proud of @HillaryClinton. GREAT job debating against a wildly underprepared opponent. #ImWithHer”

Bradley Whitford tweeted, “What’s more satisfying than a sexist bully pig getting crushed by the smart girl????” Patton Oswalt stated, “Hillary’s strategy: Be a woman talking calmly and intelligently near Trump and make him fear-poop.” And Kristen Bell offers about Trump, “If I had been audited for 15 years straight I guess I’d brag about it too. It’s pretty unique. #debates”

Whoopi Goldberg shared, “Proud of @HillaryClinton had a vision and a plan and did her thing, she was on point well done.” Gad wrote to Trump, “@realDonaldTrump you are the whiniest little bitch in the history of this country. You lost to a woman. Deal with it.” Sharon Stone tweeted, “Thank you Secretary @HillaryClinton for assuring our honorable position globally.” John Cusack slammed, “He’s emotionally a third grader/ anyone who thinks that’s not dangerous in the Oval Office is delusional.” And Rosie O’Donnell declared, “HE WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT.”

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