Celebrities React: President Obama’s Farewell Address

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Celebrities React Obama Farewell Address

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrities React Obama Farewell Address

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President Barack Obama delivered his Farewell Address to the American people on Tuesday night in Chicago, and celebrities are now reacting on Twitter to his final speech. See stars’ reaction tweets below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Obama made his last speech as president from the Lakeside Center at McCormick Place in Chicago, the same city where he declared victory in 2008 and 2012. During his historic address, Obama spoke about America’s growth over the last eight years, and his hopes for the country’s future. A number of stars live-tweeted during his remarks, while others commented after he concluded.

And even before Obama started speaking, Zendaya tweeted a gif of Oprah crying, writing, “Me watching my president Obama’s farewell address tonight…I’m not gonna be able to do it y’all…” Prior to the speech, Sharon Stone, who was actually at the venue, shared a years-old photo she took with Obama, writing, “From here with the Young Senator from Chicago to tonight. #obamafarewell. We will miss you.” Alyssa Milano asked her followers, “Who is watching?”

She then tweeted, “Thank you for your service @BarackObama and @MichelleObama. #ObamaFarewell.” Gabrielle Union confessed, “Already crying. Love my president #FarewellAddress @BarackObama.” Patton Oswalt observed, “This #ObamaFarewell is beautiful. The love. Could Trump soak up all this warmth?” Whoopi Goldberg commented, “This is what a REAL victory lap looks like and that only works if you have actually done something to to take a lap for.”

“I love u @POTUS In good times & bad the buck stopped w you. Thank u for being a true leader & for 8 yrs of astounding, immeasurable progress,” said Sarah Silverman. Carrie Ann Inaba tweeted a quote from the address, noting, “#elegant #mypresident.” Elizabeth Banks also admitted, “Made me cry.”

Niall Horan announced, “Don’t get me started but I’m going to miss the obamas. The nicest family on earth.” Marlee Matlin noted, “So much to quote from President’s farewell speech that I am in awe of his class & intelligence. But I like ‘from Selma to Stonewall.'” Russell Simmons declared, “#YesWeCan because we will never stop fighting for justice! #ObamaFarewell.”

“Forever grateful, thank you @BarackObama!!!” tweeted Big Sean. Stephen King posted, “Hope you enjoyed Obama’s speech. You won’t hear anything so cogent and kind for a long time. So, with complete sincerity: THANKS, OBAMA.” Cher said, “When The President & First Lady Leave the White House… We Will be The Custodians Of HOPE.”

Of Obama’s moving tribute to the First Lady, Katy Perry commented, “Life goals.” Karrueche Tran observed, “This is so beautiful.” Michelle Collins admitted, “I cannot believe it’s the end. I’m babbling.” George Takei wrote on Twitter, “Watching Obama’s final address, and realizing how very, very far we are about to descend. Farewell, O Captain my Captain! Heavens save us.” Jeffrey Wright also noted, “#ObamaFarewell – thoughts on race. #TrumpRally – racist thoughts.”

“Farewell Mr. President! Job well done,” offered Michelle Williams. Ellen DeGeneres revealed, “.@POTUS @BarackObama I love you more than I have space on Twitter to describe. #ObamaFarewell.” Taylor Schilling simply said, “Yes we can. #FarewellObama.” Kerry Washington similarly tweeted, “YES WE CAN #obamafarewell.” And Billy Eichner declared, “YES WE DID. AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO! I love you @POTUS and @FLOTUS. THANK YOU.”

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