Celebrities React: Nuclear Option Triggered By Republicans To Confirm Gorsuch

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Celebrities React Nuclear Option

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Nuclear Option

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Celebrities are reacting to the Senate Republicans triggering the nuclear option in the battle to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Donald Trump named Gorsuch as his Supreme Court nominee back in January. Democrats have objected in part because they feel the seat belongs to Barack Obama’s appointee, Merrick Garland, and in part because they oppose Gorsuch’s judicial stances. This week, the Senate Democrats started a filibuster to stop the confirmation process.

Now on Thursday, the Senate Republicans are responding by going “nuclear,” which enacts a rule change that would allow them to stop the filibuster with 51 votes, instead of the typical 60. Since Republicans hold the majority 52-48, they would then be able to confirm Gorsuch without the Democrats. This is all unprecedented, and could come to a head with a confirmation vote on Friday.

Though it’s still unclear how it will play out, many celebs are reacting to the nuclear move getting underway. Alyssa Milano tweeted, “@GOP broke 230 yrs of precedent in obstructing Merrick Garland. They’ll break 230 years of precedent again if they go nuclear. #StopGorsuch.” An angry Samantha Ronson wrote, “So if the rules don’t benefit us, we change them? F*ck this sh*t!

“Now let’s see how far the GOP is willing to go to maintain party loyalty. Don’t change the rules, guys, just change the candidate,” said Troian Bellisario. Andy Lassner posted, “Today United States Senate Republicans will change 200 year old rules in order to confirm an unqualified plagiarist to the Supreme Court.” And Debra Messing urged her followers, “CRUNCH TIME! Tell your Senator to keep up the SCOTUS filibuster & that a vote for the nuclear option is unacceptable.”

Passing along information to fans, Danny Zuker said, “I urge you to read this thread. It perfectly breaks down what McConnell is doing with the nuclear option.” Ava DuVernay also shared video of Senator Schumer speaking on the floor, saying, “A final call against changing Senate rules to cater to Donald Trump as Republicans trigger the nuclear option.” Last month, celebrities reacted to Gorsuch’s hearing for the Supreme Court confirmation.

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