Celebrities React To Nice Attack On Bastille Day

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Celebrities React Nice Attack

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Nice Attack

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At least 70 people were killed in a terrorist attack in Nice on Thursday. Many celebrities are now reacting to the tragedy on Twitter.

A truck drove right into revelers celebrating Bastille Day in the French City, just six months after the bombings in Paris. The driver was fatally shot by police. Officials then discovered the vehicle was loaded with weapons such as grenades.

Kevin Jonas tweeted, “My heart goes out to France right now.” Sophia Bush said, “Heartbroken to hear the news about Nice, France… Hatred has to stop. Promoting any kind of hatred, anywhere, has to stop.” Lance Armstrong shared, “Spent years living/training in Nice and all over the Côte d’Azur. Great memories I’d never trade. So sad seeing tonight’s tragedy.”

“#PrayforNice #PeaceForAll,” posted Melissa Joan Hart. Lily Allen commented, “So sad to learn of the situation in Nice right now. I wish senseless killings would stop happening, the world over.” Simon Cowell also said, “Just heard the terrible news from Nice. I am shocked. My thoughts and prayers to all affected.”

Rob Lowe simply stated, “Vive la France.” Christina Milian said, “So saddened right now. #PrayForNice my family was suppose to be there today. Thank God they’re safe. Nice I am praying for you.” She later added, “So glad my brother-in-law @iamdomthefrench and his family are safe. I love you guys. Everyone please E alert and stay safe wherever u are.”

“My heart goes out to the victims in Nice France and there families.:( what is our world coming g to [sic],” tweeted Brandi Glanville. Amy Schumer said, “Enough #PrayForNice.” Russell Simmons posted, “#NiceFrance sending prayers to you all.” Chloe Grace Moretz asked, “What’s happening in this world?” Josh Duhamel also told followers, “My heart goes out to France. #PrayForNice.”

Mia Farrow said, “Sending love to friends in France #Nice.” Ariel Winter expressed, “Pray for Nice. Pray for France. Pray for our world. My heart is broken.” Our hearts are with you #Nice. #prayfornice.” Josh Gad similarly stated, “To our brothers and sisters in Nice, we stand with you, we pray for you, we mourn for you.” Gabrielle Union sadly noted, “It never ends, heartbroken… #PrayForNice.”

Justin Timberlake also posted the “#PrayForNice” hashtag, while Olivia Wilde commented, “This is all too heartbreaking.” Victoria Justice said, “Absolutely devastating. I will never understand these senseless acts of terror. My heart is with France. #PrayForNice.” Abigail Breslin also posted, “So when will enough be enough? So devastating and terrifying. The world shouldn’t be this way. #PrayForNice.”

On Instagram, Paris Hilton said in a long post, “So sad to hear of the horrific tragedies that happened in #Nice tonight. What is happening to our world? These senseless acts of violence to innocent people needs to stop! Can’t we all just live our lives in love & peace? My heart & prayers go out to all the victims & their families. Truly heartbreaking.”

Minka Kelly wrote, “I refuse to lose faith in humanity. I refuse to live in fear. It’s getting more and more difficult, but with a very heavy heart, I absolutely refuse. My heart is with France….” Meanwhile, Octavia Spencer tweeted, “Congrats to all Emmy nominees and again we find ourselves praying for those affected by a terrorist attack. #BastilleDay.”

And Donald Trump, who said he would postpone his vice president announcement, wrote, “Another horrific attack, this time in Nice, France. Many dead and injured. When will we learn? It is only getting worse.”

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