Celebrities React: Neil Gorsuch Hearing For Supreme Court

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Celebrities React Neil Gorsuch Hearing

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Neil Gorsuch Hearing

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Celebrities are reacting as the Senate holds its Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Neil Gorsuch. See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Donald Trump named Gorsuch his Supreme Court nominee in January. Now, as part of the confirmation process, senators on the Judiciary Committee are holding a hearing to decide whether the appointment should be approved. Opening statements were made on Monday, and now on Tuesday, Gorsuch is facing questions and testifying on his own behalf.

With the hearing airing on TV and streaming online, more than one person has noticed Gorsuch’s resemblance to Tom Bergeron. When someone jokingly asked if he was running, the “Dancing with the Stars” host replied, “Nope. I don’t even wear robes at home. Briefs, yes.” Coincidentally, Josh Groban tweeted, “Who else thinks @Tom_Bergeron should play Gorsuch in the CSpan original movie?” Bergeron later replied, “I love the idea of a C-SPAN movie! All the excitement of C-SPAN in a film. Sponsored by Ambien.”

He also wrote of the hearing, “The passive aggressiveness is strong with this one. #GorsuchHearing.” Billy Eichner said, “I’m going to need Gorsuch on Billy on the Street to teach him how to actually answer a damn question.” Judah Friedlander actually live-tweeted the proceedings, at one point quipping, “Can’t decide whether to play charades or watch the #GorsuchHearing.”

Alyssa Milano also tweeted, “Exchange between Gorsuch & @tedcruz is making me throw up in my mouth a little. Are they going to make out? They’re using bedroom voice.” All jokes aside, Mark Ruffalo argued, “Shut down Gorsuch hearings until the FBI investigation into Trump’s collusion with Putin to win the election is concluded. #StopGorsuch.”

Jim Carrey posted, “A President under FBI investigation for treason should not get a Supreme Court appointment.” And Eichner also retweeted, “The process that led to this nomination is illegitimate,” adding, “Yup.” Offering a different perspective was Patricia Heaton, who wrote, “Supreme Court nominee #NeilGorsuch has the patience of a saint. (Looking at you @alfranken.)”

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