Celebrities React To Munich Mall Shooting

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Munich Shooting Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Munich Shooting Reaction

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A mass shooting took place in Munich on Friday. Now celebrities have once again taken to Twitter to express shock and sadness at yet another gun-fueled massacre.

At least nine people were killed, and many more injured, when a gunman opened fire at a German mall. Police later said the suspect killed himself. The tragedy follows the recent violence in Nice, as well as several shootings here in the U.S., including last month’s murders in Orlando.

This latest tragic event led Blake Shelton to tweet, “Got a horrible feeling about this terrorism happening right now in Germany… Praying for Munich.” Marlee Matlin expressed, [Love] to Munich. Please stay safe if you are there and watch news for updates.” Mia Farrow stated, “Thoughts with #Munich at this awful time.”

Octavia Spencer wrote, “I think all major news outlets need to devote at least 10 mins reporting GOOD NEWS EVERYDAY. need balance. Praying for #Munich.” She added, “And if they don’t we need to: me first. I’m grateful for our #troops #Teachers #Firemen #policemen #nurses & pizza delivery.” Lily Allen also observed, “It’s so fascinating watching these press conferences. The press begging for police to confirm more dead, almost willing higher death toll.”

Josh Gad commented, “#Munich we are with you. The world is ugly right now. Scary, sad and ugly. #SpreadLoveNotHate.” And on Instagram, Lindsay Lohan posted, “Pray for #munich pray for #nice and appreciate your friends and family every second of every day.”

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