Celebrities React To Morley Safer Death

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Morley Safer Dead Celebrity Reactions

By Andrew Shuster |

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Morley Safer died on Thursday at the age of 84, and now stars are mourning and reacting to the death of the legendary CBS newsman and “60 Minutes” correspondent. See celebrity Twitter tributes below.

The news of Safer’s passing comes just one week after he announced his retirement from “60 Minutes” after spending 46 years on the show, making him the longest-serving correspondent. A cause of death has yet to be reported, but the newsman’s declining health was said to be one of the reasons he was retiring.

Andy Cohen tweeted, “Morley Safer was a legend in broadcasting. Amazing writer. A gentleman. His take on modern art on ’60 Minutes’ was incredible. Irreplaceable.” Maria Menounos wrote, “RIP – Keeping Morley Safer’s family in our thoughts.” Piers Morgan offered, “RIP Morley Safer, @CBSNews @60Minutes legend. Great man, magnificent career.”

Matt Lauer wrote, “Two pieces of advice for young broadcast journalists. 1. Watch Morley Safer’s segments. 2. Repeat step one. A true professional/original.” Katie Couric noted, “Morley Safer was an extraordinary storyteller with a unique and sometimes quirky take on the world. What a legacy.” NBC correspondent Luke Russert expressed, “So long Morley Safer – a gentleman.” And CNN anchor Poppy Harlow said, “Thank you for all of your brilliant stories, Morley Safer. You made us all smarter & opened our eyes to so much.”

Anderson Cooper tweeted, “What an incredible life and career #MorleySafer had. From Vietnam to his decades @60Minutes. There was no one else like him.” Larry King, wrote, “Morley Safer was a good friend. I’m sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful journalist and all-around terrific guy. Rest in peace, Morley.” Julie Bowen shared, “After seeing @60Minutes piece on Sunday, I wanted to tweet Morley Safer was the ultimate man. Sorry I waited. What a life! #ripMorley”

George Takei expressed, “Morley lived life to its fullest, doing what he loved till the very end. That is a life well-lived. RIP, Mr. Safer.” Lester Holt tweeted, “Morley Safer was a master of his craft and set a high bar for all of us in broadcast journalism. #RIPMorleysafer.” Christiane Amanpour wrote, “Farewell Morley, proud to have known you. You are one of a kind.”

On Sunday, after announcing he was leaving “60 Minutes,” Safer himself tweeted, “It’s been a wonderful run, and I want to thank the millions of people who have been loyal to our @60Minutes broadcast. Thank you!” Gossip Cop will update as more celebrities react to Safer’s death and pay tribute to the iconic newsman.


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