Celebrities React: Missing DC Girls

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Missing DC Girls

By Shari Weiss |

Missing DC Girls

(Missing Pieces Network/Twitter)

Celebrities are showing support for the missing D.C. girls, and calling on investigations to find the allegedly kidnapped women. See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

Nearly ten young girls disappeared from the Washington, D.C. area between March 1 and March 17, and a number more seemingly vanished before then, many of them teens. While local police say there isn’t an uptick this year in missing person’s cases, black lawmakers are demanding further investigation. The Congressional Black Caucus sent a letter this week calling on the FBI and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step in.

Now “#missingdcgirls” has become a trending topic on Twitter as awareness of the issue spreads. Among those voicing concern are celebs, including LL Cool J, who fired off a series of tweets on the subject. “This sh*t bothers me. #missingdcgirls,” he declared, adding, “I want #missingdcgirls trending!!!!!” The actor and musician went on to direct tweets to Diddy, Eminem and Russell Simmons, asking them to get involved. Hours later, Diddy tweeted, “My prayers go out to the families effected by this tragedy. God bless #PrayForDC #FindOurGirls.”

Arsenio Hall followed LL Cool J’s request and shared the hashtag, while Gabrielle Union retweeted a comment that said, “If the FBI can find Tom Brady’s jersey, then they should be able to find our missing kids.” Andy Cohen wrote, “Unite to find the #missingdcgirls!! This is unfathomable!” Reposting an informative video, Ava DuVernay told her followers, “For all who are not aware and for all who care…”

“How is it I am just hearing about the #missingdcgirls and only from social media?? Why isn’t this being talked about more?” asked Kyle Richards. Sophia Bush similarly expressed, “WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?! Girls are going missing and the media is silent? Hell no. #DC #WhereAreOurGirls.” Jordin Sparks said, “My heart just aches 4 these girls & their families. If you know or see something, say something! Pls share; never know who might have info!” And on both Twitter and Instagram, Zendaya exclaimed, “FIND OUR GIRLS.”

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