Celebrities React: Mike Flynn May Testify For Immunity

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Celebrities React Mike Flynn Testify

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Mike Flynn Testify

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Celebrities are reacting to Mike Flynn reportedly offering to testify against Donald Trump’s administration on Russia in exchange for immunity. See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Flynn resigned as Trump’s National Security Adviser last month after it was revealed he wasn’t honest about his dealings with the Russian ambassador. It was suspected he had been compromised, though Trump later downplayed the Flynn situation, complaining about illegal leaks and insisting the media made a bigger deal out of the situation that it was. But questions about Trump’s ties to Russia have only continued to grow.

Now on Thursday evening, the Wall Street Journal reported Flynn has offered to testify before the FBI if he’s granted immunity. A number of celebs are reacting to the development on Twitter, where Flynn has become the top trending topic. Upon seeing the news, Alyssa Milano exclaimed, “THIS IS HUGE!”

John Cusack wrote in a series of tweets, “The end has just started for trump. Here it comes – Flynn rolls on him. Either in handcuffs or a straight jacket but he’s going.” Patton Oswalt suggestively posted, “Tick…tick…tick…ticktickticktick…” George Takei declared, “Here we go.” Referring to Flynn and others involved in the ongoing saga, Judd Apatow commented, “If this was Russia they would all get mysteriously poisoned about now. Yet– they love Russia.”

Quite alarmingly, when someone asked “over/under on how many days it takes Mike Flynn to die of ‘natural causes,'” Josh Malina said, “He’s what, 59? I give him 11 days.” Don Cheadle sarcastically called the former general a “patriot.” And since Flynn infamously chanted the anti-Hillary Clinton slogan “lock her up” at the Republican National Convention, Jeffrey Wright now mocked, “I was on stage chanting ‘Lock her up!’ but what I really meant was ‘Please, God, I don’t wanna go to jail. I don’t wanna. Please, God.'” Bill Maher tweeted, “Lock. Him. Up. Lock him up. Lock him up! Lock him up!! LOCK HIM UP!!!”

“House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon said, “This is real @realDonaldTrump. This is happening. You chose him. Your choices have consequences. YOU are not immune.” Naming others involved in the situation, he went on to write, “Why did Manafort & Kushner suddenly agree to testify? Why was @DevinNunes at WH? They knew Flynn would flip, are trying to control narrative.” And with heart emojis, Billy Eichner tweeted, “Love u so much Mike Flynn.”

“Yo! #Scandalous #RealHouseOfCards Hope truth is told,” wrote Rosie Perez. Star Jones remarked, “You don’t need immunity unless you did something that would get you prosecuted. Issue a subpoena, swear Flynn in & make him take the 5th.” Along with a gif, Stephen Colbert posted, “BREAKING: MICHAEL FLYNN FLIPPING HARDER THAN A MONSTER TRUCK!” But Samantha Ronson worried, “Is this another head fake?”

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