Celebrities React: Michelle Obama Speech Blasts Donald Trump

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celebrities react Michelle Obama Donald Trump

By Holly Nicol |

celebrities react Michelle Obama Donald Trump

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Celebrities are reacting to Michelle Obama blasting Donald Trump while campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday. The First Lady, who only referred to Trump as the “candidate,” couldn’t believe someone running for the highest office in the land had “bragged about sexually assaulting women.” She further slammed him for his “demeaning” language, noting “this is not normal.” See stars’ reactions (below) to Michelle Obama’s speech about Trump.

Hillary Clinton wrote, “@FLOTUS, I’m in awe. Thanks for putting into words what’s in so many of our hearts. -H.” Elizabeth Banks tweeted Obama saying in her speech, “‘Strong men… don’t need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful.’ @FLOTUS is slaying right now. #leadership.” Josh Gad offered, “#MichelleObama is giving a Gandalf style speech right now in NH while Trump is in FL doing an impression of Balgrog.” And Shonda Rimes expressed, “This @FLOTUS is EXACTLY what I need right now. #ImWithHer #EnoughIsEnough.” Lady Gaga tweeted, “@FLOTUS watching you speak on @CNN in New Hampshire in tears. You are a true role model and leader.”

“I am with her. I am Michelle Obama’s words right now,” shared Emmy Rossum, adding, “Michelle Obama 2024.” Stephen King also quoted Obama, “‘To dismiss this as everyday locker room talk is an insult to decent men everywhere.’ Thanks for saying that.” Kerry Washington offered, “ALWAYS. I wish I could be there. We need to include that speech @FLOTUS just gave in future shows!!!”

Connie Britton posted, “Remember: We have grace and dignity. ‘It’s about human decency’ PS. She never once said the T word! #slay @FLOTUS.” Michael Urie wrote, “Oh how I love @FLOTUS.” And Emily Van Camp similarly expressed, “God I love her.”


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