Celebrities React: Melania Trump Bullying Speech

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Melania Trump Bullying Speech

By Shari Weiss |

Melania Trump Bullying Speech

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Celebrities are reacting to Melania Trump giving a speech about bullying as she campaigned for husband Donald Trump on Thursday. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

Less than a week before the presidential election, Melania spoke before a crowd in Pennsylvania. The appearance marked the potential First Lady’s first campaign speech since her controversial address at July’s Republican National Convention. As Gossip Cop reported, Melania was heavily criticized at the time for plagiarizing part of a speech previously given by Michelle Obama.

Now Melania is facing criticism again, this time for her new remarks. A significant part of the speech included the former model condemning bullying, particularly the kind done on social media. She even said stopping such hateful comments would be “one of the main focuses” of her agenda should she become First Lady.

But stars are pointing out that Melania’s own husband, the GOP nominee himself, is guilty of the very same Internet mocking to which she is objecting. Albert Brooks, for instance, tweeted, “Just saw Melania Trump’s speech on ending cyber bullying. Great. She should start with divorce.” Montel Williams said, “Melania Trump is decrying how mean and petty society has become — has she met her husband?”

Andy Cohen asked, “Melania is smart enough to see the irony of promoting a ‘civil society’ while married to the biggest bully this country has seen, right?” In response to an article on Melania’s anti-bullying speech, Ghostbusters director Paul Feig expressed, “You have got to be effing kidding me, right?” Tom Arnold also observed, “Trump women have some solid ideas. Wish they knew a powerful man who respected women enough to implement them. They could make a difference.”

“Seriously Melania? Trump is the biggest bully on #socialmedia. I’m southern…so all I’ll say is #blessyourheart,” tweeted Star Jones. She went on to write, “I advocate for women everyday so I support Melania advocating for her husband. Do you boo. But don’t expect us to support a #p*ssygrabber.”

Perhaps unfairly, though, Melania was already getting mocked by celebrities today before she even uttered a word. “When Melania speaks today in PA I hope she does Bill Murray’s ‘It Just Doesn’t Matter’ speech from MEATBALLS,” wrote Patton Oswalt. “Modern Family” producer Danny Zuker cracked, “Melania to speak in an hour about the unique challenges she faces as the only woman @realDonaldTrump has touched who isn’t suing him, yet.”

And Chelsea Peretti said, “LOL @ MELANIA DOIN 11TH HOUR SPEECHES ABOUT TRUMPS KINDNESS. WRONG THEME BABE.” Of course, Melania’s speech did receive a positive response from at least one key person: Her candidate husband. “Watching my beautiful wife, Melania, speak about our love of country and family. We will make you all very proud,” Donald posted on Twitter and Instagram.

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Celebrities are criticizing Melania Trump’s anti-bullying speech.

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