Celebrities React: Media Outlets Banned From White House Press Briefing

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Celebrities React Media Banned Press Briefing

By Michael Lewittes |

Celebrities React Media Banned Press Briefing

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Several media outlets, including CNN, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times, were banned from attending a White House press briefing on Friday, and many celebrities are reacting on Twitter to the controversy. See stars’ tweets below.

President Donald Trump’s administration decided to keep certain outlets away from Friday’s off-camera news conference with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, but conservative organizations such as Breitbart and Fox News were allowed entry.

In response, Rosie O’Donnell name-checked New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush on Twitter, and wrote, “NO NEWS ORGANIZATIONS SHOULD SHOW UP – ZERO – NONE @GlennThrush @tess_tess2 #russiagate #STOPhim #StandUpToTrump.” Alyssa Milano exclaimed, “Oh my God. CNN, Los Angeles Times, NY Times and Politico were blocked from White House press briefing.” And James Corden simply tweeted, “This is madness,” while George Takei offered, “This is unhinged.”

Barbra Streisand wrote, “Trump has literally put his hand over the mouths of the free press. Is this the American autocracy 2017? Unbelievable!” “I think I read about this in school. It was called AUTOCRACY,” added Josh Gad. Sophia Bush similarly wrote, “We are living in an authoritarian regime. Do not stop paying attention.” And Kate Walsh expressed, “This is #unacceptable & #unAmerican.”

Piers Morgan, on the other hand, argued, “US media back to obsessing about what they believe is the single biggest news story affecting 320 million Americans: the US media. Absurd.” George Wallace commented, “Shout out to the free press, tellin’ the truth about the Walking Circus Peanut and makin’ him SAD! and whatnot.” Dan Rather stated, “Another day, another attack by the President of the United States against reputable news organizations.”

Meanwhile, Albert Brooks joked, “N.Y. Times, BuzzFeed, CNN, L.A. Times, Politico all barred from the White House today! Even Putin said, ‘take it easy.'” Stephen King remarked, “Suppression of the press is fascistic.” Justin Long said, “Beware, this isn’t about left vs right or dems vs GOP… It’s fascism vs democracy + that affects ALL of us…” And Stephen Colbert tweeted, “Don’t (RUSSIA) let this (RUSSIA) press (RUSSIA) issue distract you (RUSSIA) from (oh my God RUSSIA) Trump’s ties to Russia. (RUSSIA!)”

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