Celebrities React: March For Life

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Celebrities React March Life

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React March Life

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Celebrities are reacting to the March For Life, which took place in Washington on Friday. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the March For Life is an annual event in which pro-life activists come together and rally against abortion. According to organizers, “The March for Life is a peaceful demonstration to share the truth concerning the greatest human rights violation of our time, legalized abortion on demand.” This year, it comes less than a week after the first-ever Women’s March, during which many participants expressed support for Planned Parenthood and being pro-choice.

And while President Trump criticized that event, he took to Twitter early Friday to voice solidarity with those taking part in the March For Life. “The #MarchForLife is so important. To all of you marching — you have my full support!” he tweeted, adding, “@VP Mike Pence will be speaking at today’s #MarchForLife — You have our full support!”

Pence himself posted later in the day, “It was my honor to speak at the @March_for_Life today w/ my family & share the commitment of @POTUS to restore culture of life in America.” Patricia Heaton has been promoting the March For Life on her Twitter feed for a few weeks now. She now retweeted several messages of support, and shared an article about pregnancy. “Love this. #MarchforLife2017,” she wrote.

But a number of other stars objected to the March For Life. Before it began, Zoe Kazan tweeted, “The March today is not pro-life. It is anti-choice. It is about the GOP’s desire for institutional control over women’s bodies & futures.” She then spent the next several hours discussing the issue at length. Patricia Arquette also sent out a number of tweets on the subject, including, “When people say Women’s rights are not threatened under Trump they R delusional. VP is speaking Pro Life March & wants 2 defund PP.”

Cameron Esposito pointedly wrote, “Thank u to the #MarchForLife which I assume advocates for contraception, accurate sex ed & legal abortion. Together we can save lives!” Billy Eichner argued, “If u can support a fertilized egg can’t you also support the life of a living, breathing woman, gay person, Muslim, immigrant or refugee?” Judd Apatow retweeted video of Pence’s wife saying this is the “warmest” march they’ve taken part in, prompting him to remark, “Because of global warming! Which will kill us all. Where’s your march for those eggs?”

Olivia Wilde retweeted a Twitter user who commented, “Don’t get it twisted: they’re having an ANTI-ABORTION march. Pro-life would really mean allowing women to have safe & comprehensive care.” The actress added, “True words.” And Jenny Slate shared information on Planned Parenthood, writing, “Read this to understand the comprehensive healthcare that @PPact provides. See why we cannot afford to lose this.” Brie Larson retweeted the post.

As Gossip Cop noted earlier, Omarosa on “The View” Friday also expressed support for the March For Life. She said she was “very proud” of the Women’s March, too.

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