Celebrities React: Leslie Jones Nude Photos Hacked, Leaked On Website

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Celebrities React Leslie Jones Nude Photos Hack

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrities React Leslie Jones Nude Photos Hack

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Nude photos of Leslie Jones were posted on her website Wednesday by a hacker who accessed the comedienne’s iCloud account and leaked her personal information, including pictures of her driver’s license and passport. Now, celebrities are expressing support for Jones on Twitter. See the stars’ reactions below.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, fans reacted on Twitter to the leak of Jones’s naked pictures, but now her peers in the entertainment industry are weighing in as well. Katy Perry asked her followers not look at Jones’s nude photos, tweeting, “Do not give your eyeballs to this racist, hate-filled, misogynoir crime. I #StandWithLeslie.” Jones’s Ghostbusters director Paul Feig also stood up for the actress, writing, “What’s happening to @Lesdoggg is an absolute outrage. Alt right, haters, trolls, ‘comedians,’ whoever the f**k you all are, you’re just sad.”

Patton Oswalt pointed out that many Twitter trolls have aimed racist and misogynistic tweets at Jones over her role in the female Ghostbusters reboot, saying, “If 101% of pop culture catered to white nerds instead of only 98.1% then the cyber attacks like the one on Leslie Jones wouldn’t happen.” Meanwhile, Octavia Spencer expressed, “This @Lesdoggg attack is troubling. The rampant racism percolating in society right now is shameful and sad. She made a movie, that’s it!” And Nia Vardalos said, “We’re with you @Lesdoggg, you are strong, the parents’ basement trolls are not.”

Alyssa Milano implored her followers, “Do me a favor? Please don’t share or view the Leslie Jones personal info/photos. Support Leslie by not supporting the assh*les that did this.” Patricia Arquette noted, “FYI sharing stolen intimate photos like @Lesdoggg ‘s is illegal. You are participating in a sex crime.” And Gabourey Sidibe expressed, “I truly don’t know why people are so hateful towards @Lesdoggg. Why? She’s talented and wonderful. Why are people so pressed to be awful?”

An outraged Patricia Heaton insisted, “Whoever hacked @Lesdoggg’s site needs to be arrested & prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And then some.” Sara Bareilles asked, “Why on earth? Such venom. I’m so sorry @Lesdoggg. It’s misplaced sadness and anger and you don’t deserve any of it.” “Tonight Show” bandleader Questlove tweeted, “These acts against leslie jones….are sickening. its racist & sexist. it’s disgusting. this is hate crimes. this aint ‘kids joshing round.'” And Emma Watson simply tweeted the hashtag “I #StandWithLeslie.”

Jones’s “Saturday Night Live” co-star Aidy Bryant said, “so angry, disgusted and sad about this racist violent assault on leslie,” while former “SNL” co-star Taran Killam wrote, “May many (more) bad things befall the cowards who’ve attacked my friend, @Lesdoggg. They are the worst of humanity, where she is the best.” Lena Dunham expressed, “Let’s turn our anger at trolls into love for Leslie Jones and into strategies to protect all the heroines who don’t deserve this bullshit. And Josh Gad tweeted, “What’s happened to @Lesdoggg is sickening, disturbing & represents the worst of the Internet.”

Meanwhile, Bette Midler offered, “Dumbfounded at the high tech lynching that #lesliejones is enduring.What does she do but try to make people laugh? Hate Assad & ISIS instead!” Ellen DeGeneres conveyed, “@Lesdoggg you are beautiful & talented & bring laughter into a world that desperately needs it. You are also my friend & I support you.” Kathy Griffin wrote, “Of course I support @LesDoggg If ur a woman in #comedy, trust me, all you want to do is make people laugh, not this BS.” And Anna Kendrick noted, “I was terrified when I did ‘SNL.’ Leslie Jones went out of her way to be open, warm, friendly, funny all week. She is a GEM.” Gossip Cop will update as more celebrities react to Jones’s nude photos being hacked.


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