Celebrities React: Kim Kardashian Robbed At Gunpoint

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Celebrities React Kim Kardashian Robbed

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Kim Kardashian Robbed

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Celebrities are expressing support for Kim Kardashian after she was robbed at gunpoint. See stars’ Twitter reactions below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris on Monday local time. During the frightening ordeal, men posing as police officers held a bound and gagged Kardashian in a bathroom as they stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry. Thankfully, Kardashian was uninjured in the terrifying incident, but, as her rep told Gossip Cop, she was left “badly shaken.”

Some on social media were quick to mock Kardashian, which prompted a strong defense from close pal Chrissy Teigen. “Some sh*t just isn’t funny. I see you trying, but it isn’t,” she tweeted. “Fame is interesting. Celebs are supposed to love you guys while also knowing you’d make a meme of our dead bodies to get retweets.”

One follower wrote to Teigen in response, “No one likes robbery at gunpoint. Then again should people feel sorry for someone who owns millions of $ in jewelry alone?” The model replied, “No one is begging you for sympathy. I know the game plan is to naturally hate celebrities.” She went on to add, “Please do not think that I think celebrities are special snowflakes. I just miss empathy, in general, for everyone.”

James Corden was also among those calling out negative comments, tweeting, “People making jokes about @KimKardashian tonight would do well to remember that she’s a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend. Be nice or shut up.” Piers Morgan, who has criticized Kardashian at length over the last year, retweeted Corden’s comment, adding, “Agreed. Obviously a very nasty & serious situation.”

He further said, “Feel very sorry for @KimKardashian. Must have been a terrifying experience. #Paris #robbery.” And when called a “hypocrite” for expressing support, Morgan retorted, “Sorry? I can’t object to her naked selfies but also feel sorry for her being robbed at gunpoint? Stop being ridiculous.”

Sherri Shepherd also tweeted, “Just heard about @KimKardashian being robbed @gun point. So glad she’s okay. Kim you’re a, wife, mother, sister & praying woman #Godsgotyou.” Steve Harvey remarked, “Wow, this is crazy. Hope everyone’s ok.” Teresa Giudice commented, “So scary hearing what happened to @KimKardashian in Paris.”

Tom Green even said, “Sorry to hear about this. Happy to hear everybody is safe.” Jamie Lee Curtis also wrote on Twitter, “Relieved @KimKardashian was unharmed. Public people deserve private, safe lives. A horrific moment 4 her family. Twitterverse silence thee.” Leona Lewis, who quoted Corden’s message, also wrote, “Years later I’m still personally dealing with trauma after being attacked. We should be sending love to @KimKardashian it’s an awful ordeal.”

And The Color Purple star Cynthia Erivo posted, “Glad @KimKardashian is ok! No human being deserves the treatment she’s had this week.” The Tony winner was referring to notorious prankster Vitalii Sediuk attacking Kardashian in Paris, just days before the armed robbery.

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