Celebrities React: Kanye West, Donald Trump Meeting

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Celebrities React Kanye West Donald Trump Meeting

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrities React Kanye West Donald Trump Meeting

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Celebrities are reacting to Kanye West and Donald Trump’s meeting. See stars’ reaction tweets below.

As Gossip Cop reported, West unexpectedly went to Trump Tower in New York City on Tuesday morning. Following a private chat with the President-elect, West and Trump then faced the press together. Standing in front of the cameras for about 40 seconds, the future president told the media that he and the rapper discussed “life.”

Not surprisingly, the unlikely duo’s private meeting and then joint appearance before the cameras is now dominating the conversation on Twitter, where West is the top trending topic. Among those weighing in are fellow celebrities, most of whom are questioning why, given the responsibilities of his office, Trump took the time to sit down with the performer, of all people. Josh Gad, for instance, tweeted, “Trump not taking security briefings but meeting with Kanye West as he appoints Rick Perry 2 head a department he wants to end. Anyone care?”

Judd Apatow not only retweeted the comment, but also urged, “I think we need voter registration drives– right now. @RockTheVote. The best way out of this is voting.” Gad responded with an “amen.” Christina Applegate also wrote in reply to the actor’s original tweet, “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Meanwhile, Ana Navarro, a conservative political commentator who is actually anti-Trump, posted on Twitter, “Trump has no time/interest for Daily Presidential Intel Briefing. But has time to meet w/Kanye West. Like I said, u can’t make this crap up.” That led Rosie Perez to quote the tweet and exclaim, “wow.” Piers Morgan also wrote, “BREAKING NEWS: Kanye West just entered Trump Tower. This is not a drill, or a joke.”

When a Twitter user compared West’s look in Trump Tower to a photo of Don Cheadle, the actor fired back, “Y’all not blaming this sh*t on me! How about @bigdaddykane or @Robert_Townsend???” Alyssa Milano asked, “What the f*ck is happening?” Patton Oswalt cracked, “I don’t know what Kanye said to Trump today, but I just saw on @CNN that ‘Jesus Walks’ is the new national anthem?”

Josh Groban quipped, “Word is Kanye and Trump have been in the lab co-writing some [fire] tweets. Apple is even considering making a larger, signature caps lock.” When it was pointed out that Trump once called for a boycott of West, Arsenio Hall tweeted, “Gotta have a short memory in show biz!” Albert Brooks sarcastically posted, “Watching Donald Trump give Kanye West a quick little hug I knew that all would be right with the world.”

Orlando Jones more seriously expressed, “I pray Kanye West told Donald Trump that the women & children dying in Syria RIGHT NOW, NEED OUR HELP! #staywoke.” Jesse Tyler Ferguson asked, “Remember when Trump did an elaborate slight of hand trick, using Kanye to distract people from The Russian Electoral scandal?” Sophia Bush remarked, “Trump uses Kanye as a distraction for media nonsense so that his refusal t[o] announce business divestments gets buried. UNREAL. #Resist.”

Debra Messing similarly wrote, “OMG. MSM PLEASEEEE!!! STAY FOCUSED!! This is a #StateofEmergency @msnbc @cnn @nbcnews @ABC @CBSNews.” In response to West later hinting he’ll run for president in 2024, after two terms from Trump, Andy Cohen tweeted, “Oh, sweetie!” And, in reply to West saying he wants to work with the President-elect to foster change, Samantha Ronson wrote to the rapper, “What change did you work for with Obama? Oh right. You didn’t.”

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